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Discover Fukuoka

A scholarly shrine and ramen on the seaside


Fukuoka city, the gateway to Asia in Japan, is a city that offers the urban and the natural together. It is located at the northern part of Kyushu island and boasts one of Japan’s best transportation link not only domestically, but also internationally. From nature wonders to scrumptious local gourmet, Fukuoka has everything. You can soak yourself in hot springs at night or simply enjoy the best local food at yatai (food stalls) in Japan. Besides, you can access to the surrounding cities such as Nagasaki easily from Fukuoka too!

Discover Fukuoka today with Singapore Airlines.

Shopping & Family Trip in Fukuoka

Speaking of shopping malls in Fukuoka, the first to come in mind would be Tenjin Underground Shopping Mall. In Tenjin, there are many fashion buildings and 3 major department stores, Iwataya, Daimaru and Mitsukoshi. Many of these buildings are connected underground by Tenjin Underground Shopping Mall so that you do not even need to step out one building to reach out for other fashion buildings.

Ohori Park

However, shopping malls are not only for shopaholics, but also for families to enjoy the time together. Fukuoka Canal City, which is located at Hakata station which is only 15 minutes away from Tenjin on foot. In Canal City, you can also find all the latest trend fashion goods and cute cafes for you to rest your feet after shopping for hours. Besides, "Learn & Play! teamLab Future Park", an amusement theme park using digital arts where adults and kids can both enjoy is also available here!

Gourmet Trip in Fukuoka

From ancient times, Fukuoka has been the focal point for business and invasion due to its superior geographical position. Therefore, Fukuoka is also said to be a food paradise for their food diversity from all over the world.

A yatai in Fukuoka

The most commonly known Hakata ramen and motsunabe (offal hot pot) are what you should start with for Fukuoka's gourmet trip. After tasting the warm and delicious hot pot, don’t forget to try their famous yatai food, such as yakitori (grilled chicken skewers), gyoza (dumplings), etc. together with the locals. Some yatai may not be open on rainy days, so always remember to check the weather before going.

Refreshing Trip in Fukuoka

The word "Ohori" means moat in Japanese, and the pond at the center of Ohori Park was once used as the moat system of Fukuoka castle. Nowadays, Ohori Park has became one of the most popular relaxation spot among locals and the traditional Japanese garden inside attracts a great number of foreign visitors too.

Couple Rock

In Fukuoka, there is a famous sunset and Instagrammable spot, Sakurai Futamigaura. Sakurai Futamigaura is located on a small island called Itoshima in Fukuoka prefecture and is famous for its "Couple Rock" in the middle of the sea. You will be able to watch the sun sets between the two rocks during Summer Solstice. Besides, there is a torii gate right in front of "Couple Rock" all in white which is rare among the torii gates in Japan. Take the most Instagrammable picture here with white torii gate and "Couple Rock" during your trip to Itoshima!

Sample itinerary to Fukuoka



7D5N Discover Kyushu via Fukuoka
This sample itinerary is provided by Japan National Tourism Organization. For more sample itineraries, please visit:


Photo Gallery
Day 1
  • Depart from Kuala Lumpur to Changi Airport, Singapore (Singapore Airlines)
Day 2
  • Depart from Singapore to Fukuoka Airport (Singapore Airlines)
  • Head to Hakata Station from Fukuoka Airport (5mins by local train)
  • Depart for Huis Ten Bosch station from Hakata station (110mins by local train)
  • Enjoy the Dutch street and garden view in the theme park and experience VR attractions
  • Arrive at hotel (Stay in Huis Ten Bosch)
  • Watch the illumination formed by over 1200 lights
Day 3
  • Depart from Huis Ten Bosch to Nagasaki station (110mins by local train)
  • Stroll down Shianbashi and try Nagasaki Shippoku Ryori for lunch (12mins by city train)
  • 15mins from Shianbashi station to Ourakaigan Street station by city train
  • Gunkanjima Cruising Tour 65 mins
  • Arrive at hotel in Nagasaki city (25mins by city train)
  • Look around in Nagasaki China town and try Nagasaki Champon for dinner (6mins by city train)
  • Take the free shuttle bus from Nagasaki station to Mt. Inasa ropeway station(total 15mins from China town to Mt. Inasa Ropeway)
  • Feel the romantic night view of Nagasaki port from Mt. Inasa Observatory
  • Stay in Nagasaki city

Mount Inasa

Day 4
  • Depart to Mojiko from Nagasaki station (2hrs40mins by local train + Shinkansen)
  • Head to Shimonoseki (30mins by ferry including waiting and boarding time)
  • Try pufferfish meal in Kamonwafu for lunch
  • Take a look around in Karato Fish Market
  • Back to Mojiko (30mins by ferry including waiting and boarding time)
  • Head to Beppu from Mojiko(90mins by train)
  • Arrive at Hotel and try Japanese Kaiseki Ryori in Beppu's ryokan(Stay in Beppu onsen ryokan)
Day 5
  • Go for a tour in Hells (Sea Jigoku+Oni Ishi Bozu Jigoku+Kamado Jigoku+Oniyama Jigoku)(12mins by bus from Beppu station)
  • Try the local cuisine, Jigoku Steam for lunch
  • Observe the steam from Beppu Yukemuri Observatory(15mins by taxi)
  • Experience Beppu Beach Sand Bath (30mins by taxi)
  • Head back to Hakata (115mins by Shinkansen)
  • Arrive at Hotel (Stay in Fukuoka city)
Day 6
  • Depart to Nishitetsu Yanagawa from Hakata station (60mins by metro + Nishitetsu)
  • Yanagawa Boat Tour (Around 1 hour)
  • Have a walk in Tachibanashi Garden and enjoy the scenic sight diverse in each season
  • Have unagi fish meal for lunch
  • Head back to Hakata (60mins by metro)
  • Shopping at Canal City (6mins by bus)
  • Try the best street food at Nakasu Yatai street with the locals
  • Stay in Fukuoka city
Day 7
  • Head to Fukuoka Airport from Hakata station (5mins by local train)
  • Home sweet home

Discover Hiroshima

A prefecture defined by peace

Hiroshima, a center of trade and culture from ancient time is where you can find essentially all natural elements found throughout Japan, including sea, rivers, islands, valleys, plains, highlands and mountains. No matter what kind of natural scenes you are looking for, you can find them all in Hiroshima without travelling far away to other places. Also home to two world heritages, Itsukushima Shrine and Genbaku Dome, they are all waiting for you. Other surrounding cities such as Okayama and Tottori are also easy accessible from Hiroshima!

Fly to Hiroshima with us and discover your very own Hiroshima today.

Nature Trip in Hiroshima

If you are visiting in autumn, make sure to visit Sandankyo Gorge where you can get a stunning view of maple leaves in autumn and the new coat of green they put on in spring. You can either roam through the valley on foot or get on a ferryboat to observe the greatness of nature.

Sandankyo Gorge

Feeling not enough with just one nature scene? Then, head to Taishaku Gorge in Bihoku area for more breathtaking scenes created by Mother Nature! Along the trekking route, there is another natural wonder, Onbashi, which is a natural bridge formed above the river as the result of erosion. You will be immersed by the power of nature again and again in Hiroshima when you get to see all these miracles with your very own eyes.

Gourmet Trip in Hiroshima

The most famous seafood here in Hiroshima will be their Oysters. Hiroshima has the largest oyster production in Japan and you can taste the freshest oysters here throughout the year. No matter you are fond of raw or cooked ones, you can find oysters served in various ways of cooking here in one place.

Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima

is something everyone is familiar with in Osaka, but do you know there is also Hiroshima style okonomiyaki in Hiroshima? It is commonly called hiroshima-yaki among Japanese and the way of making it is slightly different from Osaka’s okonomiyaki.

Sample Itinerary to Hiroshima



7D6N Hiroshima Kansai Area via Fukuoka & Hiroshima (Using Kansai Hiroshima Area Pass 5-day by JRWest)

This sample itinerary is provided by Japan National Tourism Organization. For more info, please click here.


Photo Gallery
Day 1
  • Have breakfast in Hakata
  • Depart from Hakata to Shimonoseki (43mins by Shinkansen)
  • Enjoy Maru Maru No HANASHI(Scenic train)
  • Relax yourself at Kawatana Onsen
  • Savour a hearty lunch, Kawara Soba
  • Back to Shimonoseki and visit Karato Fish Market
  • Stay in Hiroshima (70mins by Shinkansen)
Day 2
  • Visit Genbaku Dome
  • OP1: Witness the great architecture of Itsukushima Shrine (1hr by local train from Hiroshima station and 10mins ferry ride)
  • Enjoy okonomiyaki for lunch
  • Back to Hiroshima for shopping (1hr by train and ferry)
  • Taste Hiroshima Oyster for dinner
  • OP2: Heal your heart with the cute rabbits on Rabbit Island
  • Make your own jam at Aohata Jam Deck (20mins by ferry)
  • Stay in Hiroshima (OP2: 2hrs by local train)

Koraku-en Garden

Day 3

Hello Kitty Shinkansen

Day 4
  • Depart early from Okayama to Kyoto (90mins by Shinkansen)
  • Have a walk at Arashiyama
  • Take a ride on Sagano Romantic Train for natural scenic view (not included by Pass)
  • Taste Kyoto Yudofu for lunch
  • Walk around Kyoto city in Kimono
  • Manga Museum for comic lovers
  • Seek for local snacks in Nishiki market (Matcha ice cream)
  • Stroll down Japan old street, Gion
  • Stay in Osaka (40mins by local train)
Day 5
  • Depart early from Osaka to Nara (1hr by local train)
  • Experience playing with the deers in Deer park
  • Taste Nara Kakinohazushi for lunch
  • Get a lucky charm in Todaiji & Kofukuji temple
  • Walk through Naramachi and feel the daily life of Nara citizens
  • Back to Osaka and taste Takoyaki or Okonomiyaki for dinner(1hr by local train)
  • Ride Dotonbori River cruise
  • Shopping at Namba and Dotonbori
  • Stay in Osaka
Day 6
  • Shopping schedule at central Osaka
  • Enjoy Kushi Katsu for lunch
  • Continue shopping at Shinsekai
  • Feel the modern Osaka at Abeno Harukas
  • Learn about the past at Osaka castle
  • (Go back to Hiroshima) Stay in Hiroshima (80mins by Shinkansen)
Day 7
  • Head to Hiroshima Airport (55mins by limousine bus)
  • Home sweet home 

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