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KrisFlyer Waitlist Changes

Simply log in to to manage your bookings and select alternative flights available for immediate ticketing. Alternatively, the email notification sent to your email address contains a link that will bring you directly to your booking.

To cancel any existing waitlisted redemptions online, please log in to to retrieve your booking and click on "Cancel flights".

Reserved segments are confirmed and available for ticketing. You may proceed to ticket the reserved segment online along with your entire itinerary, provided all other segments in the itinerary are available for confirmation. Other changes (such as flight number or date change) to a reserved segment are not available online.

You will automatically receive periodic email reminders on your waitlisted redemptions from 18 July 2019 onwards. Notifications are sent at scheduled time intervals from the day of your flight departure. You will receive notifications at intervals of nine, six, three and one month, and three weeks before flight departure date.

The reminder emails will be sent to the email address saved in your KrisFlyer membership profile. If you have inserted a different email address at the point of booking, the reminder emails will be sent to both email addresses.

Please ensure the email address in your KrisFlyer profile is updated to receive timely reminders on your waitlisted redemption bookings.

If you prefer not to receive notifications about your waitlisted flights, you may change your preference by logging into your KrisFlyer account and clicking on "Profile" followed by "Preference". Please note that this feature is not available on the Singapore Airlines mobile app.

You will be notified on the outcome of your waitlist for all redemption awards including Saver and Advantage Awards by two weeks from flight departure date. At two weeks to the flight departure date, any unsuccessful waitlist redemptions will be cancelled, and you will be informed via SMS and email.

If you are on a waitlist for a redemption upgrade, you will be able to hold on to your waitlist till flight departure day.

Waitlists for redemption bookings can be confirmed at any time when seats become available and you will receive an email update on the waitlist redemption confirmation. However, if we are still unable to confirm your waitlist redemption on the flight at two weeks before departure, your waitlist will be cancelled and you will be notified via email and SMS.

Customers may waitlist for a redemption flight up to three weeks before the flight departure date. However, please note that there may be instances on popular flights where waitlisting is not available.

The new redemption waitlist process seeks to give you greater certainty on your travels, with an outcome on your waitlist provided at least 2 weeks before your flight departure. You may place yourself on a redemption waitlist up to 3 weeks before flight departure. Thereafter, new waitlists will not be available as all existing waitlists will be reviewed to determine if they can be confirmed or cancelled, and members will be informed by 2 weeks to flight departure of the waitlist status.

Currently, changes to itineraries for redemption upgrades and stopovers are not available online. Please contact KrisFlyer Membership services for assistance.

You will be able to confirm your flights if your first segment has been confirmed and the second segment is on waitlist. However, please note that this will result in only your first segment being confirmed. The waitlisted segment will be removed should you proceed past the Review page.


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