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Chinese Yuan (CNY) transactions paid with Visa cards issued in mainland China will be automatically declined due to local regulations. We recommend paying with UnionPay, Alipay, Mastercard or American Express instead.

When you make a booking with a credit / debit card, your booking undergoes verification by our fraud detection tools. The tools use several types of information, such as the time to departure, your point of departure and destinations, for verification. Then, an algorithm determines the risk level of your payment transaction. If the risk level of your booking is found to be high, you may be required to verify your credit / debit card in person, as well as to provide photo identification. This verification process protects you against credit / debit card fraud and ensures your security when making credit / debit card payments.

No, for security, the cardholder must  present their credit / debit card in person for verification. If you’re unable to do this, get in touch with your local Singapore Airlines office.

All credit / debit card transactions are processed through our fraud detection system and bank authentication programmes. Transactions that are not secure will be automatically denied. All our payment processors are fully compliant with international PCI DSS security standards to ensure payment security, privacy and proper data handling.

No, the payment method cannot be changed once your payment has been processed. But you may use different payment methods to change your booking or to purchase add-ons at our Manage Booking page.

All transactions are subject to the approval of your issuing bank / payment provider. If your transaction was denied by your issuing bank, we won't be able to process your payment. Contact your issuing bank for information about why your transaction was declined. We are unable to contact your issuing bank on your behalf due to customer privacy policies.

If your card has 3D-Secure, you must authenticate your transaction to complete payment. Your transaction will be declined if authentication fails.

For a successful transaction with your credit / debit card:

  • Ensure that you have sufficient credit or balance
  • Ensure that your payment details have been correctly entered
  • Ensure that your credit / debit card has not been reported stolen or used for fraudulent activity
  • Ensure that the country of the issuing bank does not have currency or credit limitations
  • Ensure that e-commerce transactions have been enabled for your credit / debit card
  • For Alternative Payment Methods (APMs), ensure that your log-in credentials have been entered correctly
  • For Alternative Payment Methods (APMs), ensure that your account has sufficient balance

This may be due to intermittent connectivity issues which are preventing us from getting a timely response from your issuing bank. This may ultimately result in a time-out. If this happens to you, don't close your browser or tab while the page is loading. Instead, contact your local Singapore Airlines office for assistance.

Unfortunately, we encountered an issue when issuing your ticket, and your payment has been put on hold. Don't worry. In such cases, a request is usually sent immediately to your issuing bank to reverse the payment, and you should see this reversal in your statement in about 5 – 10 working days. You may speak to your issuing bank to learn more about the status of your transaction. If the held amount is not released after 10 working days, get in touch with your local Singapore Airlines office.

Your card will have to be enrolled in your issuing bank's 3D-Secure programme for a 3D-Secure page to be shown during payment. If your card is enrolled but you were not directed to a 3D-Secure page, this may be an error due to intermittent connectivity issues with your issuing bank's servers. In this case, your payment will still be processed as usual without the authentication step.

These programmes prevent unauthorised use of your Visa and Mastercard credit / debit cards by requiring that you enter a unique password every time you make an online payment.


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