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Business Class

Book the Cook menu from Tokyo (Haneda)

Grilled Fillet of Beef with Yuzu Pepper Gravy Sauce

Served with herb flavored potato and medley of roasted vegetables.

Unagi Kabayaki

Grilled eel coated with a savory kabayaki sauce, served on steamed white rice.

Japanese Style Beef Curry

Japanese style curry with stewed beef, served with steamed white rice.

Singaporean Chicken Rice

Poached chicken, sliced and served on long-grain rice cooked in chicken broth. Accompanied by dark soya sauce and fresh chilli sauce.

Beef Soup Noodles 

Braised beef with fine noodles served in chicken broth with vegetables. Accompanied with Asian style condiments.

Chirashi Sushi

Assorted marinated, cured and smoked seafood and omelette on seasoned rice granished with salmon roe and seaweed, served with soya sauce and wasabi.

Chicken Stuffed with Prosciutto

Served with braised turnip, sauteed spinach and roasted potatoes.

Nasi Biryani

An Indian specialty, basmati rice cooked with aromatic spices, herbs, tomatoes, saffron and milk, is served with chicken simmered in gravy.

Seafood Bouillabaisse

Provence styled fresh seafood bouillabaisse soup served with pasta.