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Premium Economy - Flights from London

Premium Economy

Book the Cook menu from London - Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our Book the Cook service is currently not available for flights from London.

Beef Fillet with Potatoes

Beef fillet topped with garlic and herb butter, rosemary infused roasted jacket wedges, roast baton carrots and roasted red onion wedge.

Seafood Thermidor Pasta

Seafood with a creamy brandy infused thermidor sauce, tagliatelle with chives, grilled asparagus and seared yellow peppers.

Chicken Kiev

Breaded fresh chicken breast filled with garlic butter, served with a tomato sauce, basmati rice mixed with pomegranate and grilled asparagus.

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Diced chicken breast and thigh in a coconut sweet hot creamy sauce with basil and chilli, served with pak choi and Jasmine rice.

Oriental Marinated Fish with Fried Rice

Pan fried oriental marinated fish served with egg fried rice and kai lan, carrots and mushroom.

Vegetarian Stew with Couscous

Wild mushroom and smoked paprika and cumin stew, tomato sauce, cous cous with dried apricot golden sultanas and pomegranate. Buttered carrots, braised fennel.

Pad Thai (also available for Breakfast)

Pad Thai noodles flavoured with tamarind, fish sauce palm sugar and peanuts, topped with seared prawns and chopped with chilli, dried shallots and chopped spring onions.

Full English Breakfast (only available for Breakfast)

Cherry tomato, scrambled egg, back bacon, chicken sausage, hash brown and sauté mushrooms.

Vegetarian Ragout with Mushrooms (only available for Breakfast)

Hash potato with onions, cherry tomato and corn cob ragout, sauté field mushrooms, topped with spring onions.