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Book the Cook menu from Singapore - Due to COVID-19 outbreak, our Book the Cook service is currently not available.

Rosemary Beef Brisket

Braised beef brisket with rosemary sauce, sauteed vegetable medley and mashed potatoes

Roasted Chicken in Garlic Cream Sauce

Chicken thigh roasted and served with creamy garlic sauce and vegetables tossed in butter

Seafood Pasta in Creamed Tomato Basil Sauce

Mixed seafood penne in creamed tomato sauce with basil

Roasted Chicken Rice

Roasted five spice chicken thigh served with pandan flavoured rice and Chinese greens

Spiced Chicken Nasi Biryani

Chicken braised in Indian spices, served with biryani rice and pickled vegetables

Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken (also available for Breakfast)

Malay-style steamed coconut rice with fried chicken, omelette and grilled fish cake, served with sambal and ikan bilis with peanuts

Assorted Dim Sum (only available for Breakfast)

Steamed pork dumpling, shrimp dumpling and chicken glutinous rice with mushroom, served with chilli sauce

Minced Pork Congee with Century Egg (only available for Breakfast)

Slow-cooked rice porridge with minced pork, boiled peanuts and century egg

Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Scrambled Eggs (only available for Breakfast)

Breakfast pancakes served with maple syrup, accompanied by scrambled eggs and ham julienne

Deliciously Wholesome Selection - Available from 16 March 2020

Chicken Mole Coloradito

Braised chicken in mole sauce, sauteed vegetable with corn, onions, tomatoes, peppers and Mecxica corns dumplings
517.  64.  26.  19.  632
Key:  Calories.  Carb(g).  Protien(g).  Fat(g).  Sodium(mg) (tr-trace)
Specially created Canyon Ranch

Spice Braised Chicken

Fragrant chicken braised in warming spices and coconut cream, with crunchy sugar snap peas, spinach, cooling coriander yoghurt and brown basmati rice
High protein | Calming | Mineral rich
Specially created COMO Shambhala

Prawn and Green Mango Salad

A refreshing salad of poached prawn and crisp green mango with roasted cashew nuts and chili lime dressing
Immune Support | Vitamin Rich | Mineral Rich
Specially created COMO Shambhala

Roasted Cauliflower Steak with Walnut Muhamarrah

Braised lentil, Swiss chard, grapes, garlic and tahini
448.  54.  21.  19.  702
Key:  Calories.  Carb(g).  Protien(g).  Fat(g).  Sodium(mg) (tr-trace)
Specially created Canyon Ranch
*Meatless Selection

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Warm quinoa mixed with sautéed mushrooms, greens and egg, finished with a nutty dukkah and tahini sauce
Immnue boosting | Digestive support | Calming | Hiigh protein
Specially created COMO Shambhala
*Meatless selection

Overnight Oats

Wholesome rolled oats soaked in rich cocoa and coconut milk, topped with apricots, cranberries and almonds
Digestive support | Antioxidant rich | Micronutrient rich
Specially created COMO Shambhala
*Meatless selection