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Stay easily connected by adding Rail&Fly to your flight booking out of Germany. More than convenience alone, travelling with a Rail&Fly ticket also brings you plenty of other benefits

Affordable fares
Save time and money by getting your train tickets from Rail&Fly, where you can find the most competitive rail fares all year long.

Plan ahead
Take the stress out of your trip by booking your Rail&Fly ticket in advance. We’ll take care of all your travel plans for you, including the best train times to connect with your flight and vice-versa.

Better connections
Save yourself time and avoid having to spend time waiting. By taking the German railway, you can connect to airports in Frankfurt and Munich from almost every city in Germany.

Travel safely
Travel with greater peace of mind on one of the safest means of transport on land. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

Please note: Rail&Fly is only available for flight routings originating in either Frankfurt or Munich. Rail&Fly is not available for redemption bookings, no matter where they originate.

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