The PPS Club

Solitaire PPS Club


Enjoy the highest level of recognition and preferential service as a member of the highest tier in the PPS Club.

  • PPSClubSolitaire

    When it comes to exclusivity and prestige, the Solitaire PPS Club stands in a class of its own and as a member, you will be accorded special privileges reserved for Solitaire PPS Club members.




In addition to the privileges accorded to PPS Club members, Solitaire PPS Club members enjoy additional exclusive privileges.


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  • Supplementary Card

    We are delighted to offer you a Solitaire PPS Supplementary Card for your spouse. As a Solitaire PPS Club Supplementary cardholder, your spouse will receive the same personalised service and many of the travel privileges as you do whenever he or she travels. 

  • First Class Check-in Reception at Singapore Changi Airport

    Enjoy the exclusivity of our elegant First Class Check-in Reception lounges located next to Immigration at Terminals 2 and 3 at Singapore Changi Airport regardless of your class of travel on Singapore Airlines.

    A porter will take care of your baggage, while our Premium Services Officers will assist you through to our First Class Check-In Reception and handle your check-in as you sit back and enjoy the comfort of the reception lounge.

    A private entrance from the reception lounge leads you directly to Immigration, after which you can proceed to the SilverKris Lounge or to your boarding gate.

    For more information, please click here.

  • First Class Check-in at Other Airports

    You are invited to check in at the First Class counters at other airports regardless of your class of travel on Singapore Airlines.

  • Access to SilverKris Lounges Upon Departure

    The First Class section of our SilverKris Lounges worldwide is yours to enjoy, regardless of your class of travel on Singapore Airlines or SilkAir. You may also invite one guest with you, provided he or she is travelling on a flight operated by Singapore Airlines, SilkAir or a Star Alliance partner airline departing on the same day as your flight.

    This privilege applies to passengers departing on flights operated by Singapore Airlines and SilkAir only. Please present your membership card and boarding pass in order to enjoy the privilege.
    For codeshare flights on partner airlines, the applicable lounge access policy of the operating airlines may differ.

    When departing from Singapore Changi Airport in Economy Class on a Star Alliance partner airline, your Star Alliance Gold benefits apply, which include the use of KrisFlyer Gold Lounges.

  • Access to SilverKris Lounges Upon Arrival in Singapore

    If you are arriving in Singapore on a Singapore Airlines or SilkAir flight, we welcome you to freshen up in the First Class area of the SilverKris Lounge in Changi Airport Terminal 2 or 3.

    You may invite a guest who is travelling with you on the same flight. Simply present your boarding pass and membership card to our staff.

  • Access to Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge in London

    Feel free to refresh and recharge at the Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge when you arrive at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 on SQ306 or SQ322. You may wish to note that the Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge in London Heathrow Airport is located at Terminal 3.  

    This benefit does not extend to any guests or travelling companions. Please present your boarding pass for SQ306 or SQ322 and membership card in order to enjoy the privilege. Use of the Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge is subject to Virgin Atlantic's terms and conditions of usage.

  • Priority Access to Saver Economy Class award

    If you book a Saver Economy Class award for yourself or any of your redemption nominees, we will give your booking priority for confirmation over other members. 

  • PPS Connect

    This service is available to all PPS Club members in Singapore, Australia, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

    Whenever you have a question, a request, or need assistance with travel- and membership-related matters, send a text message in the format "PPS<space><10-digit PPS Club membership number>" to +65 8228 0000 and we will call you back as soon as possible.

    To begin using this service, you will need to do a one-time registration here.


Attaining and Retaining Solitaire PPS Club status


Becoming a Solitaire PPS Club Member

Solitaire PPS Club membership will be yours when you accrue a cumulative PPS Value of S$250,000 within five consecutive years of PPS Club membership.

Renewing Your Solitaire PPS Club Membership

To renew your Solitaire PPS Club membership each year, a PPS Value of S$25,000 at the end of the 12-month period of your Solitaire PPS Club membership year is required. The amount in excess of the S$25,000 in PPS Value needed for membership renewal will be recognised as Reserve Value and counted towards your requalification in subsequent years.

Once you have Reserve Value in your account, it will be used first towards the PPS Value of S$25,000 required for membership renewal. If the Reserve Value available is less than S$25,000, your Current PPS Value will then be used to make up the remaining amount required for membership renewal*. Any remaining Current PPS Value will be credited as new Reserve Value.

For Solitaire PPS Club members only, Reserve value earned from 8 October 2013 onwards, will be valid for six years  from the month it was credited, up from the  length of three years**.

*If the combination of Reserve Value and Current PPS Value is less than the S$25,000 required, then Solitaire PPS Club membership will not be renewed.

**Reserve Value credited before 8 October 2013 will continue to be valid for three years from the month it was credited.


PPS Value


The PPS Value is in Singapore dollars, and can be earned when you travel in the Singapore Airlines Suites, First or Business Class on Singapore Airlines or SilkAir.  From 1 July 2013, the PPS Value you will earn is based on both the airfare and fuel surcharge components of your ticket(s). 

In most instances, this amount will be reflected on your ticket(s). You may wish to note that PPS Value will not be earned on airport taxes.  For tickets paid with KrisFlyer miles, PPS Value can be earned in proportion to the fare (excluding airport taxes) that you have paid with your credit/debit card. 

For tickets purchased outside of Singapore, the PPS Value earned will be the amount of the airfare and fuel surcharge components of your ticket in the local currency converted to Singapore dollars, using the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) monthly exchange rate.


Reserve Value






End of Membership Year

Current PPS Value


Reserve Value

Current Reserve Value Used

Current PPS Value Used


Date of Expiry

Dec 2012





Dec 2015

Dec 2013





Dec 2019

Dec 2014





Dec 2020

Dec 2015






Dec 2020


Dec 2021

Dec 2016





Dec 2022

*For Solitaire PPS Club members, Reserve Value earned before 8 October 2013 will continue to have a validity of three years from the month in which it was credited.


Other Important Information

  • Current PPS Value is the PPS Value accrued during the current membership year.
  • Minimum PPS Value of S$25,000 required for annual membership requalification remains unchanged with the usage of Reserve Value for requalification.
  • At the point of PPS Club qualification, any PPS Value in excess of the S$25,000 PPS Value required for qualification, will not be credited as Reserve Value.
  • Reserve Value is designed to reward PPS Club members who earn more than S$25,000 in PPS Value by the end of their PPS Club membership year.
  • PPS Club members who accrue S$25,000 or more in current PPS Value during a membership year will receive a special appreciation gift.
  • PPS Value cannot be earned on Premium Economy Class.

Tracking Reserve Value

Reserve Value is credited and visible in online account statements after the end of the membership year in which it is accrued. You can track your Reserve Value through:

  1. Online account statements when you log in to your Account at
  2. Bi-monthly e-statements that are emailed to your email addresses registered in your personal KrisFlyer accounts.