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Situated in Northern Europe, Scandinavia has some of the best to offer the world. Scandinavia offers unique nature views. Scandinavia is vibrant, being a cultural center for design and where creativity thrives. Scandinavia is progressive, where technology and businesses constantly evolve.

Come and experience the best of Scandinavia with us. Enjoy the cities of Copenhagen and the wider Scandinavia region.

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Venture further into Scandinavia with SAS

Together with our Joint Venture partner, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), we bring you to many more destinations in the region. Connecting through Copenhagen, a world of adventure awaits you. SAS flies to many exciting destinations, from the majestic fjords in Norway to dramatic landscapes of volcanoes and glaciers in Iceland. Scandinavian Airlines warmly welcomes you onboard.
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Transit through Copenhagen

Connect your Singapore Airlines and Scandinavian Airlines flights in Copenhagen. Transiting through Copenhagen Kastrup is convenient.

In Copenhagen Kastrup Airport: Connect in T3

Experience the best of Scandinavia with Singapore Airlines and SAS

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