Our hiring process

Our hiring process

What can you expect if you apply for a ground position at Singapore Airlines? While there may be a slight variation across some positions, there are typically four elements to our hiring process:


Step 1: Online application Search our current vacancies listing for a position you’re interested in. Apply online and submit your CV.
Step 2: Interviews If your profile matches what we are looking for, you will be invited to come for the first round of interviews.

For selected ground positions, applicants will be required to complete the following tests:

Essay and precis

Psychometric assessment comprising Numerical, Verbal, Logical and Deductive Reasoning tests

Following the preliminary interview and written tests, shortlisted candidates will be invited for a final round of interviews.
Step 3: Pre-employment screening A series of pre-employment checks, including a medical check-up, will be carried out.
Step 4: Hire Should you be selected, our recruitment team will contact you to extend the job offer and answer any queries you may have.