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PPS Club

Yes, when you are upgraded from PPS Club to Solitaire PPS Club membership, Reserve Value from your PPS Club membership will remain in your account, with validity of 36 months.

When you fly in Singapore Airlines’ Suites, First or Business Class, you earn PPS Value, which goes towards your PPS Club status.


PPS Value is based on your airfare and fuel surcharge*, but not airport taxes. It’s calculated in Singapore dollars, so if you’ve bought your ticket in another currency, the airfare and fuel surcharge* portions are converted to Singapore dollars to determine your PPS Value.

Airport taxes and other fees are paid directly to government agencies and not to us. Therefore, we’re unable to credit PPS Value to you on these charges.

No. PPS Value will only be credited for flights operated by Singapore Airlines and not for flights operated by our partner airlines. For instance, if you’re flying from Singapore to Munich via Frankfurt, you’ll receive PPS Value for the flight from Singapore to Frankfurt as you’ll be flying on a Singapore Airlines aircraft. From Frankfurt to Munich, you’ll fly on the aircraft of our partner airline, Lufthansa, so you won’t earn PPS Value.

Yes. If you fly in First or Business Class on a codeshare flight, you’ll earn PPS Value if your journey’s on a Singapore Airlines aircraft.

Your seat preference is stored on your profile for your convenience, so that it can be pre-selected for you whenever you make a booking with us. However, seats are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis – so if your seat is no longer available when you make your booking, another seat will be given to you.

No it cannot be extended. To maximise the validity of your Reserve Value, your membership will always be renewed using your Reserve Value before adding the PPS Value you’ve earned in your current membership year.

No. Solitaire PPS Club Supplementary cardholders enjoy many, but not all, of the privileges of Solitaire PPS Club membership. To find out more about Solitaire PPS Club Supplementary cardholders privileges, click here.


When it comes to earning of PPS Value as well as KrisFlyer and Elite miles, Solitaire PPS Club Supplementary cardholders will have them credited to the account that corresponds with their own membership status within the KrisFlyer or PPS Club programme.

Only PPS Club and Solitaire PPS Club members can have Reserve Value. If your Supplementary Solitaire PPS Club cardholder is also a PPS Club or Solitaire PPS Club member, the Reserve Value he/she has will be credited to his/her account.

No, because they don’t need Reserve Value. Solitaire PPS Club Life members can enjoy their status without having to renew their membership.

If the Reserve Value you have, together with the PPS Value you earned by the end of your current membership year, is less than 25,000, your PPS Club membership will not be renewed. Please refer to the table below for more information.


If you have been a PPS Club member… With less than 25,000 in PPS Value and Reserve Value at the end of current membership year
For more than a year You will become a KrisFlyer Elite Gold member, regardless of the number of Elite miles you have
For only a year You will become a KrisFlyer Elite Gold or KrisFlyer Elite Silver member

As a PPS Club member, your membership year lasts until the end of the 12th month from the date of your upgrade or renewal. For your convenience, your membership card is valid for an extra month after the end of your membership year so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your status as you wait for the delivery of your new membership card.


However, if your membership status is upgraded or not renewed, the benefits of the new tier will take effect from the start of your new membership year – and not after the expiry date on your membership card.

The same way you claim missing miles – log in and enter your full name, flight number and destination. You’ll normally see your PPS Value between two and four weeks after your flight. If your missing PPS Value is still not there after 4 weeks, just let us know.

It’s easy. Just:

  • Log in and click on Profile, then Preferences.
  • Click on the ‘Edit’ button.
  • Check the box against ‘KrisFlyer electronic newsletter’.
  • Click on the ‘Save’ button.

All PPS Club members and Solitaire PPS Club supplementary cardholder worldwide will be able to enjoy the PPS Connect service.


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