International Culinary Panel

It’s not often you get to enjoy a meal created by a celebrated chef. Let alone five.

International Culinary Panel

Not just one, but five world-renowned chefs form our International Culinary Panel (ICP). Inspired by their culture and experiences, and the places we fly to, our team of celebrated chefs are constantly creating new dishes for you.


Georges Blanc

Vonnas, France

Matt Moran

Sydney, Australia

Sanjeev Kapoor

Mumbai, India

Yoshihiro Murata

Kyoto, Japan

Zhu Jun

Shanghai, China

Georges Blanc, Vonnas, France

A Grand Master of French cuisine, Georges Blanc received his third Michelin star in 1981, and went on to receive Gault and Millau’s highest rating to date – Chef of the Year.


Matt Moran, Sydney, Australia

The youngest chef to receive the coveted One Chef's Hat for modern Australian cooking, Matthew Moran co-owns the award-winning Morans and ARIA. He was a judge on MasterChef Australia and now stars in his own cooking show, Paddock to Plate.


Sanjeev Kapoor, Mumbai, India

Sanjeev Kapoor won the Mercury Gold Award at IFCA Geneva in 1993. His cooking show, Khana Khazana, debuted in the same year and has become the longest running show of its kind in Asia—with more than 500 million viewers in over 120 countries.

Shahi Thali

The Shahi Thali – a platter of Indian rice, roti, chutneys and entrées – is designed by ICP Chef Sanjeev Kapoor to give you an authentic North to South Indian dining experience. Cooked with the exact ingredients, and in the same way that they’re prepared in the regions in which they originate, Shahi Thali is available on selected flights between Singapore and India, in Suites and First Class.


Yoshihiro Murata, Kyoto, Japan

Kaiseki master, Yoshihiro Murata’s restaurants have been awarded seven Michelin star—more than any other in Japan. In 2006, his cookbook Kaiseki won the Best Chef Book in the World at the Gourmand World Cookbook Award.


ICP Chef Yoshihiro Murata’s Kyo-Kaiseki is a modern take on centuries-old Japanese cuisine – the imperial court banquets of Heian, temple meals during Kamakura, the feasts of samurais during Muromachi, and the tea ceremonies of Higashiyama. Your Kyo-Kaiseki meal takes you on a journey through these different periods, with fresh ingredients inspired by nature and its changing seasons. Served with fine saké, Kyo-Kaiseki is available on all flights between Singapore and Japan, in Suites and First Class.


Hanakoireki is a multi-course Japanese meal created by Michelin-star ICP Chef, Yoshihiro Murata. Depending on when you fly to Japan, Yoshihiro creates your Hanakoireki experience with the seasonal ingredients of spring, summer, fall or winter. Hanakoireki is available on selected flights between Singapore and Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka, and between Tokyo and Los Angeles, on Business Class


Zhu Jun , Shanghai, China

Skilled in Chinese culinary traditions from various regions in China, Zhu Jun is an influential figure in “New Huaiyang Cuisine”. His innovative approach to the creation and development of new dishes that deftly combines international cooking techniques with traditional skills are showcased at his widely known restaurant chain “The Hut”.

食全时美 Shi Quan Shi Mei

Created by ICP Chef Zhu Jun, Shi Quan Shi Mei (食全时美) emphasises the use of seasonal and fresh produce with traditional cooking methods. To enhance the experience, the meal is paired with specially selected seasonal tea. Shi Quan Shi Mei (食全时美) is available on selected flights between Singapore and Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, in Suites and First Class.

Epicurean Gastronomy


As ingredients come into season, we create new dishes for our Epicurean Gallery, which are introduced into the menu in Suites, First Class and Business Class. These meals, featuring the season’s harvest, give you a taste of the rare and prized ingredients of different places around the world.


A popular local fare, these skewered slices of chicken are flame-grilled and served as an appetiser with onions, cucumbers and a spicy peanut dip. Satay is available on selected flights, in Suites, First Class and Business Class.