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Beijing, China

Despite its breathless march to super power status, Beijing, bordered by the Great Wall and with the Forbidden City at its heart, is a capital bound to its past. Like all great cities it’s a place of contradictions. It’s where three million taxi drivers tune in to swashbuckling period dramas on Beijing Traffic Radio. It’s also where communist party power is absolute yet the works of contemporary artists like Ai Weiwei are allowed to question the status quo. And despite the new highways and high-rises, Beijing remains home to miles and miles of hutong alleyways, grid-like residential architecture with its origins in Kublai Khan’s Yuan Dynasty. In recent years, these lanes have given rise to the city’s most exciting new restaurants, bars and boutique hotels, a process of gentrification that just might help ensure their survival. Like belle epoque Paris or New York in the 1920s, Beijing is a city having its “moment”. It’s teetering on the brink of a global power shift (but still remarkably affordable), so make sure you can look back and say, “I was there”.

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Where to eat in Beijing - Duck de Chine

Duck de Chine

Roasted for 65 minutes over 30 year-old date tree wood, the Peking duck here boasts a crisp, lacquered skin more sweet and aromatic than any other. An on-site Bollinger Champagne bar (the perfect pairing, apparently) occupies part of the loft-like, industrial space, and chefs in sleek black robes carve birds tableside to the chime of a gong. The house-made hoisin sauce, topped with sesame, peanut paste and fried garlic, puts this duck out of sight.

Insider Tip: The duck liver on toast is a must-order appetizer – silkier and lighter than foie gras but no less delicious.


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