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The capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka is not merely a place, it’s an utterly affecting experience. A tumultuous, kaleidoscopic whirlwind of raw energy. There are no building regulations in the city and population growth is extraordinary, which means the city is incredibly dense – not surprisingly, the infrastructure strains under the pressure of so many inhabitants.

The population has swelled to more than hundred times the size it was before the independence of Bangladesh in 1971. Now classed as a mega city, with more than 15 million people crammed into 347 square kilometres, personal space is at a premium. Despite the obvious negative aspects of such overcrowding, Dhaka is still a fascinating place to visit.

The commercial and industrial hub of the country, there are lots of activities and numerous sights and attractions to appeal to the visitor. The trick to enjoying Dhaka is knowing what to expect and rolling with it.

So jump into one of Dhaka’s 500,000 rickshaws and head out to see one of the city’s stunning palaces or Mughal forts, and then treat yourself to a tasty biryani. It’s all great fun.

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Lalbagh Fort


Bengal Art Lounge

Check out the local art scene. The Bengal Art Lounge in Gulshan is a great place to start as it is a spacious and unadorned galler...


Tour along the Buriganga River

Bengali cuisine

Tuck into the local Bengali cuisine. There are literally thousands of eateries in the city so it’s a good idea to experience a ran...


Chhayanaut Auditorium

Enjoy a performance of Bengali music, dance or theatre at the Chhayanaut Auditorium. The Chhayanaut is one of the most important c...


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Where to eat in Dhaka - Nanna Biryani

Nanna Biryani

There are numerous branches of this now famous biryani restaurant but make sure to go to the one near the Tara Masjid because they have the best morog polao (a special festive dish of rice and chicken). With their own special recipe this biryani chain is undoubtedly one of the best in Dhaka, if not all of Bangladesh.

Insider Tip: The kacchi biryani and the morog polao are signature dishes of this restaurant chain and should not be missed. Multiple addresses but ask for directions near the Tara Masjid mosque.

Where to eat in Dhaka - Glazed


Launched in 2013, the Glazed donut and coffee shop chain will open a third restaurant in early 2015 to keep up with growing demand for their world-class confectionery. Three donut fans joined forces in 2012 and set out to create the best product they could from the limited resources open to them. After travelling around the world, sourcing ingredients and methods they finally perfected their sweet treat and have 15 flavours and a great blend of coffee.

Insider Tip: The Original glazed donut is a simple yet delectable success. The more elaborate flavours are also tasty, if a little messy.

Where to eat in Dhaka - Izumi


If you were magically transported to Izumi, blindfolded, and sampled some of the food, you would swear you were in Japan and not Bangladesh. Found in Gulshan 2, Izumi serves authentic Japanese cuisine at a very reasonable price. Even without the blindfold you might still think you were in Japan as the lovely little courtyard is decorated with bonsai trees, a waterfall and a rock garden. As you would expect, the typical dishes of sushi and sashimi are excellent but there is also less common fare such as grilled eel and spit-roasted scallops.

Insider Tip: Izumi serves tender and tasty Australian wagyu beef, teppanyaki style. This alone is worth a visit.


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