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Hyderabad, India

The city now known as Hyderabad is really a tale of two towns: Hyderabad, which dates back several centuries and Secunderabad, set up by the British as a cantonment in the 19th century. Having been ruled for a long period by Muslim kings known as Nizams, Hyderabad benefits from a rich mix of cultures and languages.

The once prosperous kingdom of Hyderabad faded into oblivion for a while in the late 20th century, before rising from the ashes to become an Information Technology superstar. Ergo, there is now a third face to the city, the one known as “Cyberabad”.

Today, the city is dotted with glass and chrome buildings, a lively work ethic, and global cuisine cafes; and coexisting with this glitzy façade is the traditional side of the city, containing ancient monuments, local biryani joints, and a leisurely way of life.

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What to do in Hyderabad - The Charminar  

The Charminar


Cycle-rickshaw ride through Hyderabad old city

Take a cycle-rickshaw ride around the teeming old city. The best way to experience Hyderabad, this is strictly for the bravehearts...

What to do in Hyderabad - Laad Bazaar  

Laad Bazaar

What to do in Hyderabad - Stroll by Hussain Sagar Lake  

Stroll by Hussain Sagar Lake


Salar Jung Museum

Set aside an entire morning for the fabulous Salar Jung Museum, one man’s collection of art and artefacts from all over the world....


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