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Mandalay City, 

The second largest city in Myanmar and the last royal capital of Burma, Mandalay is today, the centre of culture and religion in the country. Although the British shifted commercial and political activities to Yangon, Mandalay continued to be the main city of Upper Burma throughout colonial rule and even after independence in 1948. The city is home to the magnificent royal palace as well as many other attractions built during the Konbuang Dynasty. The Ancient City of Bagan, long considered one of the world’s greatest archeological sites, is accessible through Mandalay. The city also serves as the transit point for tourists visiting Inle Lake, a beautiful freshwater highland lake and the second largest lake in Myanmar.

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Mandalay Hill

Explore Mandalay Hill, a 230-metre hill scattered with beautiful monasteries, pagodas and temples. Visitors can climb up the steps...

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    Local cuisine

    As the former capital of Myanmar and a major trading centre, Mandalay offers a delightful array of cuisine with Chinese, Indian and Burmese influence. Sample popular dishes from the Shan minority or a must-try is the htou moun (to-moh), a traditional rich Burmese dessert sold only in Mandalay.

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