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Moscow, Russia

Moscow is no longer the Cold War fantasy many people would like it to be. An emblematic fur hat may still be a prerequisite against the biting snow and frost, but the Russian capital is far from a spy novel narrative punctuated by solemn soldiers and furry-cocooned babushkas. You’re now far more likely to stumble across an oh-so-trendy cocktail speakeasy or a cutting-edge design gallery than you are a dancing bear in a street off Red Square. In truth, few capitals have undergone such a rapid and dizzying transformation as Moscow. The Sochi 2014 Olympic Games and the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup put the city on the world map, and Mars exploration is no longer a dream because of Moscow-funded space programmes. It’s this new attitude – founded on oligarch oil, gas and a bigger-is-better attitude – that has made the city such a millennial melting pot of luxury and extravagance. Yet, it still has the history and big ticket sights such as St Basil's Cathedral and Gorky Park to make its rivals London, Berlin and New York weak at the knees. Are Muscovites right to be proud? You bet they are.

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What to do in Moscow - St Basil's Cathedral  

St Basil's Cathedral

What to do in Moscow - Face time with Lenin, Red Square  

Face time with Lenin, Red Square

What to do in Moscow - Head underground,Moscow metro  

Head underground,Moscow metro

What to do in Moscow - Red October chocolate factory  

Big kid in a chocolate factory, Red October chocolate factory

What to do in Moscow - Gorky Park  

Gorky Park


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