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You can never overestimate the allure of Yogyakarta. Ask a regular visitor what they like most and they’ll tell you that it dazzles with a vast spectrum of Indonesian culture in all its forms. Classical Javanese fine art, ballet, batik, drama, traditional gamelan music, poetry, shadow puppets – the city has all of it in spades.

Ask a local what they like most about Java’s cultural capital, on the other hand, and they’ll tell you it’s the way the city has balanced these traditions with its rapid urban growth. There are world-class hotels, shopping malls, coffee shops, Internet cafes – yet are all still ruled over by His Majesty Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X from his official residence, the Kraton of Yogyakarta.

Ask a tuk-tuk driver and you’ll be whisked out of Yogya, where you’ll also get more than you bargained for. The stunning Gunung Merapi, a volcanic fireball of a mountain, is awe-inspiring enough, but nothing matches the sheer scale of Borobudur, an enigmatic Buddhist temple that ranks as one of the most beautiful in Asia. Wander through the jungle and fields of rice paddies to its perforated stupas, and you’ll believe that you’re in touching distance of nirvana.

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What to do in Yogyakarta - Grab a selfie atop Borobodur  

Grab a selfie atop Borobodur

What to do in Yogyakarta - Hike at sunrise to see a fireball  

Hike at sunrise to see a fireball

What to do in Yogyakarta - Visit an ancient spa  

Visit an ancient spa

What to do in Yogyakarta - Pay your respects to the Sultan  

Pay your respects to the Sultan

What to do in Yogyakarta - See the other Borobudur  

See the other Borobudur


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