Best Fare Guarantee

If, within 2 -hours of making your online flight booking on, you find a fare that is at least SGD30 lower (per passenger), we will grant you a refund of the fare difference.

For your Best Fare Guarantee to be valid, the lower fare found must:

• Be purchasable from qualified websites. Qualified websites refer to websites of any Singapore Airline appointed agents in Singapore. Please click here for the list of Singapore Airlines Appointed Travel Agents.
• Replicate the exact flights, dates, times and number of passengers that you booked on
• Provide all screenshots, up to and including the credit card payment page
(Please note you do not need enter your credit card number in to make a booking, however we require a screenshot of this page)
• Your Best Fare Guarantee Claim must be made within two hours on the same calendar day of your online booking in accordance with the claim processing procedure.
• Your online booking must originate from Singapore and be paid by with Singapore Dollars (SGD)

“Qualifying Airfare Purchase” means:


(a) a Singapore Airline ticket for travel originating from Singapore wholly on Singapore Airlines Group-operated flights (i.e. Singapore Airlines flights operated with three digit numbers)
(b) purchased through or the SingaporeAir app in the currency of departure city
(c) paid for in full, excluding the use of frequent flyer miles to offset the total cost

Claim Processing Procedure

1.  To submit a claim:

a) You must be one of the travelling passengers in the Qualifying Airfare Purchase.
b) You must submit your claim via the form available at this URL:, within 2-hours (based on the time zone of the departure city) of your Qualifying Airfare Purchase being made at or the SingaporeAir app. Claims made via any other channel will not be accepted.
c) Claims must be for all passengers contained within the booking – separate claims for passengers within a single booking will not be accepted.
d) Claims must contain your (the applicant) full name, booking reference (PNR) as well as complete web address (URL) and screenshots of the Itinerary Confirmation / Flight Summary page of the website where you found the lower fare including the fare class, rules and restrictions for the corresponding fare.
e) Screenshots (up to and including the flight payment page) must be included as part of the initial claim (not supplied at a later date) and include a full breakdown of the fare and applicable taxes on a per person basis.
f) Screenshots must be date and time stamped to confirm availability within the time-limit outlined under the Best Fare Guarantee terms and conditions.
g) For the avoidance of doubt, no purchase of the lower fare is necessary.
h) For a successful claim to be processed, Singapore Airlines must be able to verify the lower online published fare at the time of claim review and that the lower fare did not exist on If Singapore Airlines is unable to replicate the lower airfare, it may request additional information and documentation (such as a screenshot) in order to verify the lower online airfare. Any such additional information must be submitted promptly. Please keep copies of all such documentation.

2.  Following the submission of a claim, Singapore Airlines will contact claimants via email within 5 business days if the claim is successful.

3.  In the event of a successful claim, a refund of the fare difference will be provided to you via your original payment method.

Terms & Conditions

1. The Best Fare Guarantee applies only to customers who make a Qualifying Airfare Purchase on Singapore Airlines using the website, paid for in full without the use of Frequent Flyer Miles to offset the total cost.
2. For a claim to be valid under the Best Fare Guarantee, it must satisfy all of the terms and conditions and be submitted in compliance with the Claim Processing Procedure.
3. The comparison fare (including all taxes, fees, charges and associated booking and card payment fees) must equate to a minimum of SGD30 (per booking) saving versus the same flight itinerary purchased through
4. The comparison fare must be for the same itinerary/routing, with each sector of the journey flown in the same order, for the same dates and flight numbers, in the same class of travel and for the same type of ticket (including fare conditions).
5. The comparison fare must include the same ‘extras’ as the original Qualifying Airfare Purchase – including but not limited to the purchase of extra legroom seats, excess baggage per-payment etc.
6. The comparison fare must be available on the same calendar day and within two hours (based on the local time of departure country) that the original Qualifying Airfare Purchase was purchased on
7. The Best Fare Guarantee does not apply to:
a. differences of less than SGD30 per booking (regardless of the number of passengers);
b. unpublished fares and/or fares sold by agents who are not Singapore Airlines Singapore Appointed Agents. Unpublished fares are fares not available to the general public and include, but are not limited to, wholesaler or consolidator fares, corporate, military, government, contract, closed user group or other discounted fares;
c. price comparison websites, websites which are not ticketing websites (those which allow the customer to purchase a ticket directly from the same site), websites that are based outside the country of departure, or websites that are not publicly accessible;
d. offline sales, where tickets have been purchased via means other than a website (e.g. via telephone, or in person at a travel agency);
e. airfares on another web site that have been reduced as a result of promotional discounts, including but not limited to "money off" coupons, loyalty programme discounts or fly "free" offers, redemption of frequent flyer miles of similar or other incentives used to reduce the total cost;
f. holiday or package fares, including but not limited to airfares sold as part of a travel package;
g. airfares where the carrier or itinerary details are unknown until after purchase;

h. “secure my fare” bookings (eg. where payment for the booking has not been made in full);

i. codeshare or interline bookings (eg. where any of the flights is operated by another carrier other than Singapore Airlines); 

j. lower fares found on; or

k. circumstances where the comparison fare is the result of a pricing error made by a party other than Singapore Airlines.
8. Comparison fare must be in the currency of your departure country.
9. The Best Fare Guarantee applies to flight only bookings.
10. Bookings covering multiple passengers and paid for in full at are limited to being submitted as one claim only. I.e. separate claims for each passenger within a single booking will not be entertained.
11. Singapore Airlines reserves the right to deny any claims that cannot be reasonably verified, which are due to 3rd party fare pricing errors, or for which incomplete information has been provided.
12. The Best Fare Guarantee is only applicable to the initial booking made and should any subsequent changes be made to an itinerary or booking, it will not be eligible under the Best Fare Guarantee.
13. Best Fare Guarantee only applies where customers have not exercised their right to a refund or have cancelled the booking before making a Best Fare Guarantee application. Singapore Airlines’ usual terms for cancellation and refunds apply.
14. The refund of the difference between the purchase cost of the original Qualifying Airfare Purchase on and the total cost of the comparison fare is the sole and exclusive compensation that will be made to qualified claimants who show that Singapore Airlines failed to meet its Best Fare Guarantee policy.
15. One refund payment will be given for each booking and a refund will be granted for each eligible ticket contained within that booking that meets the Terms and Conditions of the Best Fare Guarantee.
16. Incomplete Best Fare Guarantee forms will be ineligible. For the avoidance of doubt, this means that all evidence (e.g. screenshots) must be submitted as part of the initial claim being made, within two hours of the original Qualifying Airfare Purchase being made. Forms must be received by Singapore Airlines within two hours (based on the time zone of your departure city) of your original Qualifying Airfare Purchase. Singapore Airlines reserves the right to verify evidence of the comparison fare being submitted under the Best Fare Guarantee. Singapore Airlines is not responsible for any Best Fare Guarantee forms which are not received or delayed in transmission.
17. Comparisons will be made based on the same payment type as used on for payment. Where a payment method is not available on the comparison fare website, the comparison will be based on the nearest comparable payment method as determined by Singapore Airlines.
18. Singapore Airlines reserves the right to reject a claim if it is reasonably unable to identify that the comparison fare was available in accordance with the Best Fare Guarantee Terms & Conditions.
19. Singapore Airlines cannot be held responsible if the claimant’s card issuer or bank applies fees in association with any refund being made (e.g. If a customer’s card is not billed in the currency of refund).
20. Singapore Airlines is the final authority on interpretation of these rules.
21. Singapore Airlines reserves the right to terminate or amend this offer at any time without notice.