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Come on board the world's longest flight from Singapore to North America.

Experience all-American classics, immerse yourself in a melting pot of cultures and see world-famous cities in a new light.

With direct flights to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle, Singapore Airlines connects you effortlessly to some of the most iconic cities of the United States of America (USA). If you prefer a layover, you may also choose to fly our one-stop services to New York via Frankfurt, to Houston via Manchester, or to Los Angeles via Narita.

Plan your holidays to the USA now and treat yourself to a well-deserved break.

Fares to North America

Sale period: Between now and 10 October 2023*
Travel period:
Beween now and 31 July 2024*
*Selected periods only. Blackout periods apply

DestinationsBusiness Class fares from Premium Economy Class fares fromEconomy Class fares from
Los AngelesSGD6348SGD1698SGD1118
New YorkSGD6648SGD1708-
San FranciscoSGD6338SGD1648SGD1118

Fly non-stop on Airbus A350 to North America

Business Class

Business Class

A successful business plan includes sleep. 

When you’re travelling for business, everything must go as planned. Like the meal you reserved with Book the Cook, and the uninterrupted sleep you’re looking forward to on your fully-flat bed. So you’re wide awake, refreshed and ready for business as soon as you land.

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Premium Economy Class

Premium Economy Class

It starts with a seat. And ends with a smile.

In an exclusive, spacious cabin, our Premium Economy Class seats are designed with greater width for your enhanced comfort. Add that to the extra choices and exclusive privileges, brought together by the award-winning service you love, all you have left to do is sit back, relax, and smile.

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Economy Class

Economy Class

More space. Because no one likes to be put in a tight spot.

Our Economy Class seats are designed to give you more personal space. Even if the seat in front of you is reclined. For additional space to stretch out your legs, choose our Extra Legroom seats. It’s a comfortable spot to be in.


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Plan your next American adventure


Discover the magic of Houston, where space exploration and cowboy culture collide in perfect harmony. Delve into the mysteries of the universe at the Space Center Houston, where the wonders of space await your exploration. Embrace the rugged charm of the Wild West as you immerse yourself in Houston's cowboy heritage, from rodeos to authentic Texan experiences. Wander through the city's diverse neighborhoods, where art, history, and culinary delights create a captivating tapestry. Houston's unique blend of modern innovation and cowboy allure promises an unforgettable travel experience that will leave you inspired and enchanted by the city's captivating spirit.

Los Angeles

Embrace the allure of Los Angeles, a city that weaves dreams into reality. Walk the legendary Walk of Fame, where the stars guide your path amidst Hollywood's history. Feel the ocean breeze caress your skin as you explore the vibrant Santa Monica Pier, and immerse in the carefree coastal atmosphere. Unveil the glamour of Beverly Hills, where luxury and opulence paint the streets. And no journey is complete without stepping into the Universal Studio Hollywood, where cinematic magic comes alive. Los Angeles invites you to taste the essence of stardom, adventure, and elegance, igniting your desire to wander, explore, and be part of its enchanting story.

New York City

Indulge your wanderlust in the vibrant energy of New York, a city that epitomises the essence of dreams and possibilities. From the iconic skyscrapers of Manhattan to the serene respite of Central Park, every corner beckons with something extraordinary. Embrace the cultural melting pot of Brooklyn, where art and diversity intertwine. Witness the electrifying spectacle of Times Square and immerse in the magic of a Broadway show. Discover the grandeur of Grand Central Terminal and feel the heartbeat of Wall Street's financial district. New York's magnetic charm will ignite your passion for exploration and leave you enchanted with the endless allure of this remarkable metropolis.

San Francisco

Unveil the enchantment of San Francisco, a city that captivates hearts with its timeless charm. Behold the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, an iconic symbol of engineering brilliance that stands tall against the bay's stunning backdrop. Wander through Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39, where the aroma of fresh seafood dances in the air and playful sea lions bask in the sun. Wind your way down Lombard Street's crooked path, and ascend Telegraph Hill to marvel at the sweeping panoramas below. Finally, be enchanted by the vibrant hues of the Painted Ladies, a row of Victorian houses exuding timeless elegance. San Francisco beckons you with its unique blend of beauty, history, and charisma, igniting your wanderlust and inviting you to explore its multifaceted wonders.



Uncover the allure of Seattle, a city where urban sophistication meets the wonders of nature. Gaze upon the iconic Space Needle, an architectural masterpiece offering panoramic views of the city's beauty. Immerse in the vibrant culture of Pike Place Market, where local flavors and creative talents thrive. Wander through the city's lush parks and gardens, finding solace in the embrace of nature. Embrace the captivating blend of modernity and history as you explore Seattle's eclectic neighborhoods. From its majestic landscapes to its dynamic arts scene, Seattle's charm will leave you spellbound and eager to explore all that this Pacific Northwest gem has to offer.


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