Check-in at Changi Airport


Counter check-in


Departing from Singapore Changi Airport

  • You may check-in with your baggage between 48 hours and 40 minutes before departure, for confirmed flight bookings on Singapore Airlines.

  • Terminal 2: check-in counters open at 0430 hours and close at 0140 hours.

  • Terminal 3: our check-in counters open at 0430 hours and close at 0200 hours.

  • You may call +65 6223 8888 for assistance, if the counters are closed.

  • To find out which row to check-in for your flight, class of travel etc.  please click here.


Departing from other stations

  • If you are departing from other airports, you may wish to check with the respective local offices.

  • Alternatively, you may download a schedule of the check-in counters opening times at the respective airports.

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