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Digital content portal

Expand your in-flight entertainment experience with our digital content portal. Access our Wi-Fi portal, in-flight & amenities menu, KrisWorld magazine, games and more easily from a single webpage. 

  1. Access to the digital content portal is not available on Boeing 737-800 NG.
  2. Access to the portal and its features does not require redemption or purchase of in-flight Wi-Fi plans. 
  3. Portal will not be accessible if you are connected to the in-flight 'KrisWorld' network before the Wi-Fi sign is turned on. 

Tips to access the in-flight digital content portal:

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Before take-off

To access the digital content portal before take-off, you may use your own device and enter

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During the flight

Connect to the in-flight 'KrisWorld' network. Remember to switch off data roaming on your phone to avoid incurring charges from your telco.

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Enter the digital content portal link

Scan the QR code available on the in-flight entertainment screen or enter to access.

Link your device

Link your device

The SingaporeAir mobile app brings you a whole new way to enjoy KrisWorld. Discover what is playing on KrisWorld even before you step onboard, create your personal playlist with your favourite movies, TV or music, and control the media playback right from your personal electronic device.

Here's what you can expect by linking your device to your seat*:
  1. Stay updated on your flight information from your device
  2. Browse our content offerings from your device and start planning your playlist
  3. Save your favourite content to a personal playlist on your device for easy reference and playback
  4. Launch and control KrisWorld content remotely on your in-flight entertainment screen 
  5. Continue your movie or TV program from where you left off just by launching the bookmark icon from your personal device
*Feature is unavailable on all Boeing 737-800 NG aircrafts.

Steps to link your device:

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1. Download the SingaporeAir mobile app

Ensure you have the SingaporeAir mobile app from Google Play or App Store downloaded on your device

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2. Go to the 'KrisWorld' section in the app

Connect to the in-flight 'KrisWorld' network and open the 'KrisWorld' section in the app. Select the 'Connect to seat' icon

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3. Enter 4-digit passcode on your device

When prompted, enter your seat number to generate a 4-digit passcode on your seat monitor. Enter the passcode on your device to pair

IFE on 737NG

KrisWorld on your personal device

If you are travelling on board the 737-800 NG aircraft, you can enjoy a curated selection of Hollywood blockbusters, TV hits, and music favourites. Simply bring along your personal mobile device, connect to the ‘KrisWorld’ network and visit on your web browser. 
Alternatively, scan this QR Code and bookmark the URL on your personal device for easier access.  KrisWorld