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Nagoya, Japan

Ask almost any resident of Nagoya if they prefer their city to Tokyo, and they’ll readily agree. With around 3 million people, Nagoya is certainly less packed that its big attention-grabbing brother. It’s also much easier to navigate as the transport system is one of the best in the world – every part of the city is served by a subway station and most journeys won’t exceed half an hour. It’s also less of a struggle to find your bearings in Nagoya as there are just two downtown areas to explore instead of Tokyo’s eleven! Located in the centre of Japan on the Honshu Island, Nagoya is an industrial behemoth with a GDP greater than some small nations. It lies in a prime position on the vast, fertile Nobi plain that divides Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Nagoya is also one of the country’s major ports as well as a manufacturing powerhouse. But despite sounding like a giant factory for the country, Nagoya has plenty to offer foreign visitors. There is a wealth of museums, ancient temples, diverse cuisine, cultural attractions and as much shopping as you can handle – and home-proud Nagoyans will be happy to point you in the right direction.

What to do

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Explore the underground malls

Explore the serpentine passageways of the underground malls filled with shops and eateries in the Meieki district, where the heavi...


Eat and drink in a busy izakaya

Eat and drink in a busy izakaya. These popular pub-like restaurants are found all over Japan and offer great food and refreshments...


Hit the beach

Hit the beach. There is a surprisingly wide selection of beaches that are all easily reached by local transport. The summers get h...

What to do in Nagoya - Pachinko  

Pachinko hall

What to do in Nagoya - Sakae downtown district  

Sakae downtown district

Festivals and events

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Where to stay in Nagoya - Relaxation Spa Apeze

Relaxation Spa Apeze

Capsule hotels are widely used all over Japan and Nagoya has a broad range of these futuristic places that are peculiar to Japan. Most capsule hotels are “Men Only” and mainly used by businessmen or “salary men”. However, this hotel is unisex, with designated floors for men and women. The bathing areas are communal and kept perfectly clean. The capsule is obviously small, as expected, but it doesn’t affect a good night’s sleep – well worth a try.

Insider Tip: There are no electricity charging points in the capsules so make sure your phone and any other electrical items you might need to use have a good charge. 5-11-14 Imaike, Chikusaku

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    Where to eat in Nagoya - Sakanaomotenashijin’ya


    It’s not only the name that is a mouthful; the many dishes in this Kappo restaurant will have the same effect. “Kappo” effectively means fine dining, but at a counter. Shusai Omotenashi Jinya is all about serving Japanese cuisine with a twist. The sake here is top grade and there is also a private dining room for up to 16 people. It’s only a one-minute walk from the central Sakae and Sakaemachi subway stations, and provides a calm escape from the city whirl outside.

    Insider Tip: Nagoya cochin chicken is famous for being juicy and tender having been raised for a long period. Focus on these dishes as they are the best in the area. Oonoya Building 1F, 3-24-27, Nishiki, Naka-ku, Tel: 81 52 962 8088


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