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Seafood Thermidor

Seafood thermidor with buttered asparagus, slow-roasted vine-ripened tomato and saffron rice.

Grilled Beef in Green Peppercorn Sauce

Grilled beef in green peppercorn sauce with seasonal vegetables and gratin potatoes.

Roast Chicken with Mushroom Cream

Roasted chicken breast in wild mushroom cream and gratin chat potatoes.

Salmon in Wild Lime Butter Sauce

Tasmanian salmon in wild-lime butter sauce with steamed green beans and pasta.

Barramundi and Steamed Rice

Barramundi in black bean sauce with baby bok choy and jasmine rice.

Poached Egg

Served with sweet corn fritter, avocado, tomato, haloumi and chicken sausage.

Chicken Stew in Grain Mustard sauce

Chicken stew in grain mustard served with gratin potato and vegetables.

Khao Thom

Thai rice porridge served with shredded chicken and chicken balls.

Beef Rendang with Coconut Rice

Braised beef in spiced coconut gravy. Served with steamed rice and braised lodeh style vegetables.