Terms & Conditions for Buying and Occupying a Preferred Seat


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  • 1. Preferred Seat Assignment


    1. The purchaser must be 18 years of age or older at the time when the seat is purchased.

    2. Preferred Seats are seats with more legroom in Economy Class located in emergency exit row and normal rows. These seats are sold and assigned on a first-come, first-served basis on flights operated by Singapore Airlines. The assigned Preferred Seats are non-transferable to other persons.

    3. Preferred Seat assignment is 'seat and flight-specific'. The Preferred Seat assignment is separate for each flight, and is non-transferable between flights.

    4. No mileage points are awarded for the amount paid for a Preferred Seat.

    5. A Preferred Seat is assigned only upon full payment of the Preferred Seat fees and fare. An e-payment receipt will be issued for the payment.

    6. Preferred Seats have certain characteristics, including the following aspects:
    (a) The arm-rests between Preferred Seats cannot be retracted because meal-trays are stowed in the arm-rest section.
    (b) The Preferred Seats located adjacent to the emergency exit door panel are not window seats and are subject to additional requirements. (Please refer to Section 2 - Safety criteria for occupying an Emergency Exit Preferred Seat).

  • 2. Safety criteria for occupying an Emergency Exit (EMEX) Preferred Seat

    1. EMEX Preferred Seats are located near to the emergency exits doors and are subject to the flight safety guidelines of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. 
    During aircraft taxi, take-off or landing, you may not use the Inflight Entertainment System for safety reasons. If you do not meet any of the following criteria, you may wish to purchase a Preferred Seat further from the emergency exit instead, subject to availability.

    2. A person may only be assigned an EMEX Preferred Seat if he or she meets the following safety criteria:
       · At least 15 years of age at the commencement of the journey. 
       · Fully able-bodied and capable of opening the exit doors and moving quickly or reaching and passing through the adjacent emergency exit. Persons with
        reduced mobility or any disability, whether profound or partial, and persons using portable oxygen or any other medical equipment are ineligible because
        they may endanger themselves or others.
       · Able to follow the safety instructions in English.
       · In good health at the time of check-in, boarding, and during the flight.
       · Not carrying infants or using an infant seat belt, and not pregnant.
       · Not under the influence of any intoxicating substance at check-in, boarding, and during the flight.
       · Not requiring an extension seat belt because of large body size.

    If he or she does not meet any one of the above safety criteria, Singapore Airlines may re-assign the seat before or during the journey without refund of the EMEX Preferred Seat reservation fees.

    3. The following categories are some examples of passengers not considered as able bodied:
       · Invalid, sick or infirm passenger
       · Passenger with children/infant
       · Handicapped passenger (including the blind & deaf)
       · Children and infants (below 15 years)
       · Obese passenger
       · Pregnant women
       · Frail or elderly (to the extent that the passenger can be considered non able-bodied)
       · Deportees or prisoners in custody

    Able-bodied passengers are those passengers who must have sufficient physical dexterity, strength and mobility to enable them to evacuate expeditiously through the emergency exit without any assistance and without impeding others; OR who must not have any condition or responsibility such as caring for children/infants/elderly or incapacitated passengers (s)  that may prevent them from evacuating expeditiously or cause them to impede others.

  • 3. Preferred Seat Fees Refund Policy


    1. There will be no refund of the Preferred Seat fees if you change or cancel the reservation.

    2. If the Preferred Seat is not utilized because
       · the flight is disrupted or
       · the flight is cancelled or
       · the connecting flight from an inbound and/or outbound Singapore Airlines operated flight is missed because of flight re-timing, Singapore Airlines will pay you the amount you have paid for in USD or the local currency equivalent as full and final compensation.