About your ticket


Here is what you need to know about your tickets.


Electronic tickets


Your ticket information is stored within a secured system. With electronic tickets (eTickets), you do not need to collect paper tickets. However, we recommend that you bring along your eTicket receipt when you travel as you may be asked to show it at immigration checkpoints or by other authorities.

When your booking is confirmed, we will send you an email with your booking details and eTicket receipt. You may then retrieve your booking from "Plan and Book" to select your favourite seat, request a special meal to meet your religious or dietary needs, or even change your itinerary. You may also print your eTicket after retrieving your booking.

You may check in online and print your own boarding pass from the comfort of your home or office. Online check-in is open from 48 hours before flight departure.


Ticketing time limit


A ticketing time limit is set for bookings made through our Singapore Airlines offices or travel agents. You will need to pay for your booking by the given date/time to obtain an eTicket. Our Reservations staff or your travel agent will be able to advise you of the date/time limit.

When this date/time limit is exceeded, your booking will be automatically cancelled without penalty charges. If you still wish to travel, you can rebook your itinerary, subject to seat availability. Do make your payment for tickets early to secure your flight(s).

Ticketing time limits are not applicable for online bookings; you will need to make payment at the time of booking.


Cancellations and refunds


You can obtain a refund if you purchased a refundable fare ticket. To cancel or refund an eTicket, please retrieve your booking from the"Plan and Book" page.

A cancellation fee and/or refund admin fee may be levied in certain cases. The refund amount will be credited to the credit card used to purchase the ticket. There are also restrictions on the last date that you can seek a refund for your ticket.

You may check on the terms and conditions accompanying your ticket, with your local Singapore Airlines office or travel agent.

For itineraries with flights to and from USA, if you purchased your ticket one week or more prior to the flight's scheduled departure date, you may cancel your ticket without penalty within 24 hours of ticket purchase.


Taxes or charges


Any taxes or charges imposed by government or airport authorities are payable by passengers. These are either included in the fare amount or to be paid upon arrival or departure in local currency at the airport of arrival or departure.




You do not need to reconfirm onward or return flights on Singapore Airlines. However, if your itinerary includes flights on other airlines, do ask your travel agent if you need to reconfirm the flights on other airlines.

If you wish to change your travel plan or are unable to travel as ticketed, please contact your travel agent or local Singapore Airlines office. If you do not do so, other flight bookings in your itinerary may be cancelled.