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Changi Transit Programme

Программа для транзитных пассажиров от Чанги

Наслаждайтесь транзитом, как никто другой

Получите еще больше преимуществ во время транзита в сингапурском эропорту Чанги! До 31 марта 2020 года, совершая путешествие на Singapore Airlines, SilkAir или Air New Zealand*, получите транзитный ваучер на сумму до 20 сингапурских долларов (если вылет из России) на покупки и сэкономите до 120 сингапурских долларов на покупках и питании во время транзита в аэропорту Чанги.

*Применимо только к определенным рейсам.
Этот ваучер действителен для использования во всех пунктах розничной торговли и оказания услуг в транзитных и общественных зонах аэропорта Чанги в Сингапуре (имеются исключения). Также ваучер может быть использован для разового доступа продолжительностью до двух часов в зал ожидания Ambassador, расположенный в Терминале 2 или 3. В зале ожидания Ambassador предлагается душ (в том числе основные гигиенические принадлежности), легкие закуски, материалы для чтения и бесплатный Wi-Fi.
Транзитные пассажиры, прибывающие в аэропорт Чанги в период с 1 октября 2019 года по 30 марта 2020 года (включая обе даты), также могут воспользоваться следующими специальными предложениями зала для транзитных пассажиров Ambassador:
  • Транзитный ваучер на сумму 20 сингапурских долларов при вылете из любого пункта отправления во время обратного путешесетвия.
  • Два транзитных ваучера на сумму 20 сингапурских долларов каждый. Один из которых действителен только для покупки алкогольных напитков, парфюмерии или косметики, в том случае если обратное путешествие начинается с вылетом из Китая (материка). 



The transit vouchers can be used at all participating retail outlets in the transit and public areas of Changi Airport (except for outlets in the Exclusion List) or can be redeemed for one-time access to the Ambassador Transit Lounge located in the transit areas of Terminals 2 or 3 for up to two (2) hours; as well as selected spa and massage services at Spa Express in Terminal 2.

Here are some recommended ways to spend the transit vouchers, with no minimum spend at all!

Save up to S$120 when you shop and dine at Terminal 2 and 3
Further enjoy an additional S$10 off at Shilla, get a book at WHSmith with a $5 discount or a complimentary cup of coffee at Hudsons Coffee during your transit. Refer to other terms and conditions on the discount leaflet given together with the transit voucher, while stock lasts.

*Note: Promotion will start on 07 Oct 2019.

Shilla Cosmetics & Perfumes Duplex store and Beauty Loft, Terminal 3
Be spoilt for choice with products from over 140 international brands, specially curated for your beauty needs! Whether you are shopping for the latest, hottest, organic, natural or luxury products, take your pick and enjoy up to 40% more savings here than at local retail stores and regional airports. Enjoy a facial or pick up limited edition products at Shilla Beauty Loft!
*Use transit vouchers to offset your purchase. 

SK-II spa at Shilla Beauty Loft, Terminal 3
Travellers seeking a quick skin fix before boarding can choose from a variety of express 15-minute skincare boosts, while those with longer layovers can opt for more indulgent treatments up to an hour long that revitalise the skin while relieving anxiety and jetlag.
Each treatment features the use of SK-II’s acclaimed skincare, including the brand’s iconic “miracle water”, Facial Treatment Essence. Prior booking for SK-II services is advised, and walk-ins will be subjected to availability.
*Use transit vouchers to offset your purchase.

DFS Wine & Spirits Duty-Free store, Terminal 3
A wide selection of some of the world’s most premium wines and spirits are available here, including Johnny Walker Red Label Scotch, Hennessy XO Grand Champagne, Camus L’Elegant, Chivas Regal, Martell Cordon Bleu and Absolut Vodka.
*Use transit vouchers to offset your purchase.

Long Bar by Raffles, DFS Wine & Spirits Duty Free store, Terminal 3
One of the store's most innovative features includes a Long Bar by Raffles – in collaboration with one of Singapore's most historical landmarks, the Raffles Hotel.
Transit passengers who may not have time to leave the airport to visit Singapore will get the opportunity to sample The Long Bar's famed cocktail, the Singapore Sling at this Tasting Bar.
*Use transit vouchers to offset your purchase.

Local delights at Bengawan Solo, Terminal 1 and 2 Departure Transit
A household name in Singapore, Bengawan Solo is synonymous with traditional cakes and kueh made with time-honoured methods of preparation. Special occasions are not the same without signature treats such as Kueh Lapis Sagu (rainbow layer cake), Ondeh Ondeh (coconut-coated glutinous rice balls filled with molten palm sugar), Kueh Lapis (spiced layer cake), and other butter cakes and cookies. These delectable cakes and cookies make great treats on your flight or tasty gifts for friends back home.
*Use transit vouchers to offset your purchase.

Ambassador Transit Lounge, Terminal 2 and 3 Departure Transit Lounge (Open 24 hours)
Located within the Departure Transit Lounge of Singapore Changi Airport, the Ambassador Transit Lounge is equipped with a host of facilities that provide passengers with everything they need to have a comfortable stay.
* Exclusive for Changi Transit Privileges passengers:
Package A
The S$20 eVoucher can be used to redeem a 2-hour lounge access. Lounge use includes shower facilities, free flow of non-alcoholic beverages, light refreshments, local & international reading materials and 10% discount for alcoholic beverages. Subsequent hours of lounge access is chargeable at S$12 nett. Complimentary access for child under 2 years old (Infant) with 1 accompanying adult. ; or
Package B – at T2 Ambassador Transit Lounge or T2 Transpa
15-minute head & neck massage; or partial payment for Nap room and other existing spa packages.

SPA EXPRESS, Terminal 2 Departure Transit Lounge
Spa Express offers a plethora of spa services with its private spa suites, sauna and bath areas as well as quiet meditation rooms and yoga spaces.
*Exclusive for Changi Transit Privileges passengers: 
  • 40 minutes Sauna & Shower 
  • 10 minutes Anti-Stress / Upper Back massage 
  • 20% Discounts on subsequent treatments

Best of Singapore
Your time in Singapore might be short, but don’t forget to take a piece of Singapore home with you! Shop the best of Singapore, here at Changi. Internationally renowned and well-loved local food products, and your favourite merchandise with our famous Singapore icons. So much you can take home from Singapore!


Транзитный ваучер может быть использован во всех торговых точках, пунктах услуг в транзитной или общественной зонах аэропорта Чанги, за исключением пунктов или точек продаж, указанных в списке исключений ниже: 
  • Общественные места: Все стойки бронирования гостиниц и автомобилей, все стойки для информации и встречи пассажиров, банки, Crowne Plaza Hotel, магазины телекоммуникаций (к примеру, магазин М1), платные лаунжи Pay-Per-Use (к примеру, The Haven by JetQuay), автоматы для специального типа карт по внесению наличных и пополнению их счета - Top-Up (к примеру, карта сети кофеен Kopitiam, карта сети кофеен Coffee Bean, любая банковская карта и т.д), услуги наземного транспорта, MindChamps PreSchool, Planet Traveller, туристические услуги (например, Seiki Travel) и Wan Yang Foot Reflexology.
  • Транзитная зона: лаунжи авиакомпаний, Airport Wellness Oasis, Be Relax, все фирменные магазины Hermes во всех терминалах аэропорта Чанги, Plaza Premium Lounge в Терминале 1, транзитные отели, Samsung.
  • Общественные места и транзитная зона: все супермаркеты (в частности, киоски быстрого питания, кафе, фудкорты, рестораны и бары), круглосуточные магазины, стойки невостребованного (оставленного) багажа, все стойки обмена денег, пункты специальной службы и сервиса "Чанги Рекомендует" (Changi Recommends), пункты химчистки, пункты по медицинскому обслуживанию пассажиров, пункты почтовых услуг, Tobacco Purchases и временные пункты розничной торговли. 

    Начиная с 1 августа 2016 года, в соответствии со Статьей 9А по табачным изделиям (Контроль Рекламы и Продаж - Control of Advertisements and Sale) Акта (Раз.309), ваучер для транзитных пассажиров аэропорта Чанги не может быть использован для покупки табачных продуктов в аэропорту Чанги.

    ** Торговые лотки-тележки в Терминале 3 на этаже Basement 2 не являются временными и транзитные ваучеры могут быть использованы для оплаты покупок.

    Прочие Правила и условия

    • Changi Airport Group will need to collect information about you and your flight itinerary to facilitate the collection of transit rewards and improve the products and services we offer to you. The data you provide to Changi Airport Group will be retained and processed by Changi Airport Group, and will be used by Changi Airport Group in accordance with our Privacy Policy which you acknowledge and consent to. To protect your privacy, Singapore Airlines, Silk Air and Air New Zealand will not provide us with data on your behalf save where you have expressly consented otherwise in writing that they may do so for Changi Airport Group’s purposes. If you have any queries on the retention, processing and/or use of your personal information and data, please contact Changi Airport Group at
    • Passengers whose transit (through Singapore) itinerary was issued over two or more separate e-tickets must present all the e-tickets to the relevant staff for verification. Changi Airport Group reserves the right to reject any attempts to collect the transit voucher for reasons including, but not restricted to, insufficient supporting documents. In this regard, Changi Airport Group’s decision shall be final.
    • Passengers can only collect the transit voucher once for their eligible itinerary.
    • Codeshare flights with 4-digits flight numbers starting with SQXXXX or MIXXX but operated by non-participating airlines are not eligible.
    • Point of origin refers to the country of the departing flight on participating airlines before a passenger arrives at Singapore for the entire trip.
    • Passengers can only collect the transit voucher for their current trip. Collections for past trips or advance collection for future trips will not be accepted.
    • The campaign runs from now till 31 March 2020 and collection of the transit voucher must be done before 31 March 2020:
      • The transit voucher will expire 6 months from the date of issuance or by April 2020, whichever is earlier. Any request to extend or replace the transit voucher will not be accepted.
      • The transit voucher may not be used with any ongoing in-store promotions.
      • The transit voucher may be used in conjunction with Singapore Airlines/SilkAir Boarding Pass Privileges.
    • Eligible transit passengers arriving in Changi Airport between 1 October 2019 and 31 March 2020 (both dates inclusive) will receive transit voucher worth S$20 from all points of origin of the entire return trip. Eligible transit passengers whose point of origin of the entire return trip is China (Mainland) will receive two transit vouchers worth S$20 each, one of which is applicable for Liquor, Perfumes or Cosmetics purchases only.
    • Changi Airport Group reserves the rights to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.



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