Singapore Airlines

Expectant women

Expectant women

Before booking your flight, it’s important to inform your gynaecologist of your travel plans and get the medical guidance you need.

There are certain requirements if you wish to fly during your pregnancy.

Period (Calculated based on the expected date of delivery) Restriction
28th week and earlier No medical certificate is required. However, a medical certificate must be presented for your return flight if it is scheduled beyond the 28th week of your pregnancy.
Uncomplicated single pregnancy:
29 to 36 weeks

Uncomplicated multiple pregnancy:
29 to 32 weeks
Provide a medical certificate stating:
  • fitness to travel
  • number of weeks of pregnancy
  • estimated date of delivery.

The certificate must be dated within ten days of the first flight after 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Upon request, please present this certificate at check-in.
Uncomplicated single pregnancy:
Beyond 36 weeks

Uncomplicated multiple pregnancy:
Beyond 32 weeks
Air travel is not allowed.

For more information, please get in touch with your local Singapore Airlines office.