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The PPS Club

The PPS Club

Priority treatment, every step of the way

In the PPS Club, travelling is more than just about getting from A to B. It’s a lifestyle. With extra privileges and personalised service that make every journey more comfortable and convenient. In the air and on the ground, anywhere in the world.

Even more privileges await in the Solitaire PPS Club, our highest level of recognition. Not just for you, but also your husband or wife.


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Achieve PPS Club status

Achieve PPS Club status

Earn S$25,000 in PPS Value within 12 consecutive months, and you’ll be welcomed to the PPS Club. Your membership will last until the end of the 12th month.


During each membership year, earn a total of S$25,000 in PPS Value to renew your PPS Club membership for another year. Any PPS Value you earn on top of the S$25,000 within a membership year will be saved as Reserve Value^, which can count towards future requalification as a PPS Club member. 


To enter the Solitaire PPS Club, accumulate at least S$250,000 in total PPS Value over five consecutive years of PPS Club membership.


^At the point of PPS Club qualification, any PPS Value in excess of the S$25,000 PPS Value required for qualification, will not be credited as Reserve Value.

PPS Value

Earn as you fly

PPS Value Earn as you fly

When you fly in Singapore Airlines Suites, First Class or Business Class, or in Business Class on SilkAir, you earn PPS Value, which all goes towards your PPS Club status.

PPS Value is based on your airfare and surcharge**, but not airport taxes. It’s calculated in Singapore dollars, so if you’ve bought your ticket in another currency, the airfare and surcharge** portions are converted to Singapore dollars to determine your PPS Value*.

If you fly in Business or First Class on a codeshare flight, you'll earn PPS Value if your journey's on a Singapore Airlines or SilkAir aircraft.

* Based on the monthly exchange rate of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

**Please note that fuel and insurance surcharges will be removed as a separate component and folded into the base airfare of the ticket price for Singapore Airlines and SilkAir flights progressively from 28 March 2017. Find out more here.

If you use your KrisFlyer miles on part of an eligible fare on, you’ll only earn PPS Value on what you pay with your credit/debit card. If you pay with KrisFlyer miles only, you won’t earn any PPS Value.

PPS Value cannot be earned in Premium Economy or Economy Class.

Reserve Value


Earn extra credit

Reserve Value Earn extra credit 

As a PPS Club member, any PPS Value you earn on top of S$25,000 is saved as Reserve Value*.


For instance, if you earn S$28,000 in PPS Value in a membership year, S$25,000 is used to renew your PPS Club membership for another year while S$3,000 is credited as Reserve Value. This S$3,000 in Reserve Value can count towards your renewal of PPS Club membership in the following years. PPS Club membership will not be renewed if the total amount in Reserve Value and PPS Value is less than S$25,000 in each membership year.


Reserve Value is valid until the end of the 36th month (3 years). To maximise the validity of your Reserve Value, your membership will always be renewed using your Reserve Value (from oldest to newest) before adding the PPS Value you’ve earned in your current membership year. For instance:


End of membership yearCurrent PPS ValueRequalification: Current Reserve Value usedRequalification: Current PPS Value usedReserve Value stored: AmountReserve Value stored: Expiry
Dec 2013 S$32,000 S$0 S$25,000 S$7,000 Dec 2016
Dec 2014 S$45,000 S$7,000 S$18,000 S$27,000 Dec 2017
Dec 2015 S$10,000 S$25,000 S$0 S$12,000 S$2,000=
Dec 2017

Dec 2018
Dec 2016 S$15,000 S$12,000 S$13,000 S$2,000 Dec 2019

Reserve Value is credited and shown in online account statements after the end of the membership year in which it is accrued. You can track your Reserve Value through the online account statements when you log in to your KrisFlyer account. Or, subscribe to the bi-monthly e-statements that are sent to your email address(es) registered in your personal KrisFlyer accounts.


*Valid from the end of the first year of PPS Club membership.

You’re also a KrisFlyer member

You’re also a KrisFlyer member

As a PPS Club member, you also have membership in KrisFlyer. This means you’ll earn KrisFlyer miles when you fly on an eligible booking class with Singapore Airlines, SilkAir and our partner airlines, or when you use the services of more than 170 of our non-airline partners. You can also redeem these KrisFlyer miles for award tickets or flight upgrades, use them to pay for your ticket on Singapore Airlines or SilkAir when you book online, and so much more.

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