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Grilled Salmon with Baked Potato

Grilled salmon with baked potato, sauteed chard and cherry tomatoes confit.

Stracotto Beef

Beef stracotto in demi glace sauce with saffron rice.

Burrata Ravioli

Burrata ravioli in pesto sauce with porcini mushrooms and cherry tomatoes confit.

Omelette with Black and White Quinoa

Omelette with sliced cucumber, champignon mushrooms, black and white quinoa and half grilled tomato.

Grilled Szechuan Prawns with Egg Fried rice

Grilled szechuan prawns with pak choy and chinese mushroom, served with egg fried rice.

Black Pepper Beef with Steamed rice

Black pepper beef with choy sum and shitake mushroom, served with steamed rice.