Terms & conditions for advance seat selection

1. Advance seat selection is available up to 48 hours before flight departure on flights operated by Singapore Airlines.

2. All seats offered for advance selection will always be subject to availability at the time of request. Seats offered and selected will be on a per passenger and per flight segment basis.

3. Passengers who choose not to select seats in advance may select from any remaining seats for free during check-in. If no seats are selected before flight departure, passengers will be assigned a seat but without any guarantee of the resulting seat type or if they will be seated together with the other passengers in their booking.

Advance seat selection fees
4. The advance selection of a seat may be subject to the payment of a fee, which will be charged on a per passenger and per flight segment basis: 

(i) For Suites, First and Business Class, no fee will be charged.
(ii) For Premium Economy Class, a fee will be charged for the advance selection of Extra Legroom and Solo Seats. Standard Seats in Premium Economy Cabin are also available for sale as a chargeable seat type to passengers holding Economy Class tickets for specific routes and aircraft types. 
(iii) For Economy Class, a fee will be charged for the advance selection of Extra Legroom Seats, Forward Zone Seats and Standard Seats.

5. Advance seat selection fees may be waived depending on, inter alia, the seat(s) selected, the fare type(s) selected, the KrisFlyer membership tier of that passenger at the time of seat request, and the type of passengers in the booking. Singapore Airlines reserve the right to determine the eligibility criteria for complimentary seat selection.

6. The quantum of the advance seat selection fee is subject to change at the sole discretion of Singapore Airlines. Where required, the fee quoted at the time of seat selection should be treated as final. KrisFlyer or other frequent flyer miles will not be awarded on the amount paid for the advance seat selection fee.

7. Selected seats will be confirmed upon full payment of the ticket fare and the advance seat selection fee (where applicable). The option to use KrisFlyer miles to pay for the fee is only available when booking a flight on singaporeair.com. An e-payment receipt for the advance seat selection will be issued when an advance seat selection fee is collected.

8. For Singapore Airlines flight itineraries originating/commencing from India destinations, India GST (K3) tax will be applied on top of your advance seat selection fees. The breakdown of the tax will be shown on the e-payment receipt.

Eligibility criteria for emergency exit seats
9. Passengers occupying emergency exit seats (‘EMEX Seats’) may be required to provide assistance in the event of an emergency and must meet the eligibility criteria as per the flight safety guidelines of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

SIA has the sole discretion, at check-in, boarding, or onboard, to determine whether a passenger meets the requirements to sit in an EMEX Seat. If the passenger does not meet the requirements, they will be assigned a different seat.

A passenger occupying an EMEX Seat must:

(i) Be willing and able to assist in the unlikely event of an emergency;
(ii) Be at least 15 years of age on the date of the first flight;
(iii) Be fully able-bodied and have sufficient physical dexterity, strength and mobility to open, operate and pass through the emergency exit doors without assistance and without impeding others;
(iv) Be able to follow written and/or verbal safety instructions and/or other instructions from cabin crew in English;
(v) Be in good health at the time of check-in, boarding, and during the flight;
(vi) Not be pregnant;
(vii) Not be a person who appears incapable of operating or assisting with the operation of the emergency exit, which may include an elderly or frail person;
(viii) Not be a passenger with restricted mobility, which shall include persons with a physical or intellectual disability, persons who are using wheelchair or other assistive devices, and persons who are impaired due to any other cause as they may endanger themselves or others in the event of an emergency;
(ix) Not have an amputated or prosthetic limb;
(x) Not travelling with or be directly responsible for the caring of children under the age of 15 years, infants, elderly,  passengers with restricted mobility, persons who require safety assistance for emergency evacuation, a guide dog, or any other assistance animal; 
(xi) Not be a deportee or a prisoner in custody;
(xii) Not under the influence of any intoxicating substance at check-in, boarding, and during the flight;
(xiii) Not require an extension seat belt; and
(xiv) Not use the Inflight Entertainment System during aircraft taxi, take-off or landing.

10. A passenger who is ineligible to sit in an EMEX Seat will be reassigned to another seat before or during their journey with no refund of any advanced seat selection fees that were paid.

Changes, cancellations and refunds

11. A selected seat may be changed by the passenger prior to flight closure, subject to the remaining seats available for re-selection and any applicable seat selection fees for that new seat.

(i)  No change in destination: If the passenger has paid for seat selection, but subsequently changes their flight departure date/time with no change in destination, they are eligible to receive their originally-purchased seat type on their new flight upon request at the Singapore Airlines Contact Centre with no additional payments. If the originally-booked seat type is not available on the new departure date/time, they shall be refunded their original payment without penalty, and the passenger may choose to pay to select a different seat type on the new flight. However, should the passenger decide not to retain the originally-booked seat type notwithstanding that there is availability on board the new flight, they will not be refunded their original payment.

For example, if a passenger books an Extra Legroom Seat on SQ123 departing 10:00am on 1st January 2021, but changes it to 10:00am on 2nd January 2021, he may call the contact centre to transfer his Extra Legroom Seat from the 1st January flight to 2nd January. If the Seat type is no longer available on 2nd January, he will be refunded and may choose to buy another seat type such as standard or forward zone.

(ii)  Change in Destination: If the passenger changes both flight departure date/time and destination, the previous advance seat selection fees may be refunded. Passenger may then carry out advance seat selection for their new flight(s). For these changes, kindly contact the Singapore Airlines Contact Centre. However, should the passenger decide not to retain the originally-booked seat type notwithstanding that there is availability on board the new flight, they will not be refunded their original payment.

12. Any fee paid for the original seat selection will not be refunded if there is no corresponding change in flights on which these seats were selected (i.e. if a passenger wishes to select another seat on the same flight), and cannot be used to offset any fees payable for new seat selection (if any). (Only India GST (K3) tax, where applicable, is refundable. Refer to point 8 above. Kindly contact your local contact centre for India GST (K3) tax refunds).

13. A selected seat may be changed by Singapore Airlines for operational, safety or security reasons. This may include the following scenarios:
(i) the flight has been cancelled;
(ii) the flight has change in aircraft; or
(iii) the connecting flight on Singapore Airlines is missed due to a retiming.

In the above scenarios, Singapore Airlines will endeavour to find a suitable alternative.

14. Any refunds will be given in the amount that was paid by the passenger in USD or local currency equivalent. If a passenger has paid partially or entirely with KrisFlyer miles, they will receive a refund of the KrisFlyer miles into their KrisFlyer account and the amount paid by credit/debit card into the same card. All refunds will be processed in approximately 6 weeks.

15. Singapore Airlines reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions, at its sole and absolute discretion, at any time with or without prior notice. Singapore Airlines is not liable to customers for any loss of value or benefits that may arise as a result of any such changes.