Information in relation to our SDK providers

Our SingaporeAir and Kris+ applications use the software development kits (“SDKs”) of the following suppliers. During your use of the specific functions of our applications, we may share or disclose your personal information to the following SDK suppliers in order to achieve the following scenarios or service purposes.

SingaporeAir application

NameDescription / PurposePersonal Information CollectedPermission RequiredPrivacy Policy Link
1.IovationFraud Detection
  • Device identifier
  • IP address
  • No additional permissions
2.AliPayAliPay Payment
  • SIM card serial number/MAC Address
  • Android ID
  • Network information
  • Geographic location information
  • Read mobile phone information
  • Read network information
3.PanasonicIn-flight Entertainment Integration
  • Device identifier
  • Device location
4.QualtricsVoC Feedback
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Device identifier
  • No additional permissions
5.UsabillaVoC Feedback
  • Device type
  • Operating system
  • Application version
  • Memory percentage
  • Display (portrait/landscape)
  • Language
  • Pixilation
  • Battery
  • WIFI/Signal
  • Camera/photos (optional) for screenshots
6.AdaptiveE-Library Integration
  • IP address
  • Device model
  • Operating system version
  • Anonymised unique user ID
  • No additional permissions

  • Information is exclusively collected with the objective to improve quality of service, security and client requirements
  • Information collected in only the information strictly necessary for above defined objectives

In practice information collected is used in the following context:

  • SDK v2 (currently used version):
o IP only used for operational necessity to identify abnormal usage such as hacking
o Device model and OS version only used for usage statistics dashboard exclusively available to SIA

  • SDK v3 (future version):
o Anonymized unique user id to allow more precise visibility on usage (e.g. for press editors on number of readers of their press title, for advertisers for number of viewers of advertisements)
7.BluekaiData Management
  • IFDA (advertising identifier) unique to user is sent if user gives consent.
  • Permission to send IFDA
8.GlassboxTesting and Troubleshooting
  • Device ID
  • KrisFlyer number
  • Application activity
  • No additional permissions
9.AkamaiBot Prevention Manager
  • Device signature
  • IP address
  • No additional permissions
10.InsiderCross Channel Customer Experience and Marketing
  • KrisFlyer number and Registered customers number in hashed form
  • Device model
  • Carrier (cell phone provider)
  • App version
  • Operating System version
  • Device language
  • Time zone
  • Connection (type)
  • Battery
  • Location
  • Device token
  • Purchased products
  • Clicks on products
  • No additional permissions


Kris+ application

NameDescription / PurposePersonal Information CollectedPermission RequiredPrivacy Policy Link
  • Remote Config - push version label for iOS
  • Core - Firebase mandatory
  • Analytics - Event capturing for business metrics
  • Dynamic Links - Deep link support for app
  • Crashlytics - crash info for developers
  • Performance - metrics for app performance
  • Crashlytics installation UUID
  • Crash traces
  • Device Model, Operating System, Carrier, Locale/Language
  • IP address
  • Firebase installation ID
  • Mobile ad ID
  • App version
  • No additional permissions
2.BluekaiData Management
  • IFDA (advertising identifier) unique to user is sent if user gives consent
  • Permission to send IFDA
3.Branch IOAd Conversion Aggregation Platform (Google ads/Facebook) Currently used for tracking installs/reinstalls
  • Device metadata (screen size, operating system)
  • IP address
  • Identifiers (IDFA, UDID, etc.)
  • Engagement data (clicks, installs, reinstalls)
  • App Tracking Transparency opt-in (IDFA)
  • Internet
4.InsiderMarketing (target push notifications and smart recommendations)
  • KrisFlyer number in hashed form
  • Gender
  • KrisFlyer tier
  • Location opt-in status
  • Push notification opt-in status
  • Using E Pay status (has Apple/Google pay)
  • Device language
  • Last push notification
  • Insider SDK version
  • Device model
  • Operating System version
  • UDID
  • First time open
  • Last time open
  • Device token
  • Push notification
  • Advertising ID
  • Carrier
  • App version
  • Location
  • Location
  • Push notifications
  • Internet