Passengers with nut allergy

Customers with Nut Allergy

Singapore Airlines is unable to provide a nut-free cabin or guarantee an allergy-free environment on board.

While we do not serve peanuts as snacks, we do serve other nuts such as cashews and almonds across all cabin classes. Customers may also consume their own snacks or meals on board, which may contain nuts or their derivatives.


Some meals served on Singapore Airlines’ flights may contain peanuts, including our signature satay and nasi lemak. To help customers make appropriate choices based on their dietary requirements, our digital in-flight menu can be viewed up to eight days prior to the flight here.

Singapore Airlines provides customers with the option to pre-order non-strict nut-free meals (NFMLA). If you choose to request a NFMLA on board our flight, please contact your travel agent or Singapore Airlines at least 48 hours before departure.

Our NFMLA requires advance preparation time and does not contain peanuts and tree nuts (including almonds, Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts, pecans and macadamias), and their derivatives.

We request that you take every necessary precaution, bearing in mind the risk of exposure. If you have any concerns about your fitness to travel, we encourage you to share this information and discuss your travel plans with your doctor.