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Student privileges

Now available for Business, Premium Economy
and Economy Class flights
Exclusive perks for future high flyers
To be eligible, you must be a KrisFlyer member currently enrolled at an eligible college or university. All student fare tickets have a maximum staying period of 12 months.

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Save on selected fare types*

Enjoy 10% savings with exclusive student fares when you book a Lite, Value or Standard fare* on Economy Class or Premium Economy Class. You can book for a maximum stay of 12 months.
*Not applicable on promotional fares

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Increased checked baggage allowance

Economy Class and Premium Economy Class

  • United States or Canada: 3 pieces of baggage (23kg each)
  • All other destinations: 40kg of baggage

Business Class
  • United States or Canada: 3 pieces of baggage (32kg each)
  • All other destinations: 50kg of baggage

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Complimentary booking change

Enjoy a fee waiver on your first booking change, regardless of your cabin class or fare type. This could be a date, destination or cabin class change.


Here’s how you can start enjoying your student privileges

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Join KrisFlyer

As a KrisFlyer member, you will earn miles for your flights on Singapore Airlines and enjoy benefits such as complimentary inflight WiFi. Best of all, registration is free. 

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Verify your student status

If you signed up for a KrisFlyer membership using the button above, you will be asked to verify your student status after registration. If you already have a KrisFlyer account, log in and select the button below to get verified. You will only need to do this once a year.

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Make your booking

To enjoy your privileges, always search for fares through our dedicated student page. You must be logged in with a verified student status.

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