The Singapore Girl

Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew

Timeless elegance meets contemporary service.

The Singapore Girl that we know and love has evolved over the years to be more than an icon. Our cabin crew are ambassadors of world-class service, delivering the warm hospitality that Singapore Airlines is known for.   

They undergo one of the most comprehensive training programmes in the aviation industry, one that goes beyond service delivery and safety to equipping them with a diverse range of skills ranging from first aid to wine appreciation. Their personal experiences with diverse people and cultures around the world build on this, enabling them to intuitively anticipate the needs of our customers and provide an exceptional travel experience.  

Cabin crew at changi airport


Did you know?

The iconic cabin crew sarong kebaya, adapted by Parisian couturier Pierre Balmain in 1974 remains the hallmark of Singapore Airlines. It features a traditional Asian Batik which pays homage to our heritage.


Cabin crew uniform

There are four different kebaya colours altogether, each representing the ranks of our female crew. Similarly, the ranks of our male crew are reflected in the colours of their ties.