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The Singapore Girl: Creating Extraordinary Moments

Who is the Singapore Girl in your life?

She became a familiar face in the ‘70s. A time of fashion, invention and transformation. Yet she remains timeless across generations. Her care and thoughtfulness, extended to everyone around her. Her elegance, always in style. The Singapore Girl - the epitome of friendly service and the symbol of Asian hospitality for the past 40 years. She captivates the hearts of the world by creating extraordinary moments to make you feel at home.


Does she remind you of someone? Who is the Singapore Girl in your life? We'd love to know! Like our official Singapore Airlines page and follow the steps below for a chance to be one of three winners of Limited Edition SIA memorabilia for the Singapore Girl in your life!


1. Share a photo of the Singapore Girl in your life on the comments section of our Facebook post.


2. In a short description, tell us why this person is your Singapore Girl.


Terms and conditions apply.

Creating Extraordinary Moments

As a service champion, the Singapore Girl creates an exquisite experience driven by a passion to delight. Each moment warms the heart or simply soothes the soul.  Extraordinary moments are created by the Singapore Girl, which truly embodies the spirit of service.


The Singapore Girl is an icon, one of the airline industry’s most instantly-recognised figures.  


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The Lengths We Go To

Home is never far away when you fly on Singapore Airlines.  Whether you’re on a solo adventure across the world or returning to the comfort of family and friends.


We don’t just bring you to places, we bring you to possibilities. We don’t just innovate, we create around what means the most to you. We don’t just serve dinner, we make you feel special. And we do this by finding what truly matters to make you feel at home on every journey.


A Warm Welcome

It's that feeling of sipping your favorite tea, served by the Singapore Girl just the way you like it. It comes from the thought that goes into everything you taste and touch. There's nothing as comforting as enjoying the things you love, without having to ask.


Travelling in true comfort

It starts with the finest material, handcrafted with care. It comes from experiencing an exclusive space designed with your needs in mind. Topped with the extraordinary service of our Singapore Girl who remembers the little things to make you feel at home.


A Truly Entertaining Journey

There's more to it than just the latest movies. It's about finding culture and experiences from near and far, for you to enjoy -  like creating that delightful atmosphere onboard through our Singapore Girl's warm greetings. Enriching moments make your flight just that much more meaningful.


We search for what's special and for what lifts an experience to another level. With the lengths we go to, we will find what truly matters to make you feel at home.

Terms & Conditions for the Singapore Girl Contest

1. Promo is valid from 21 September – 2 October 2016.

2. Valid only for participants meeting the following criteria:

a. Living in the Philippines

b. Posted a photo of the Singapore Girl of their life on the comment section of the Facebook post and shared why this person is his or her Singapore Girl.

c. Liked the official Singapore Airlines page

d. Above 18 years of age

3. Three winners will be determined via lucky draw.

4. Winners will be announced on Facebook on 5 October 2016.

5. Winner will be receiving an email from Singapore Airlines with instructions on how to claim the prize. Prize must be claimed at the Singapore Airlines office in Makati City, Metro Manila and will not be shipped to the winner’s address as the prize is fragile.

6. The prize is Limited Edition SIA Memorabilia, which cannot be exchanged for cash.

7. If the winner cannot be contacted or does not respond within seven (7) working days, the prize notification will be invalid and winner forfeits all rights to any prize.

8. Winner must claim the prize within one (1) month after announcement or notice has been made. If the prize is not claimed, winner forfeits all rights to any prize.

9. Staff of Singapore Airlines Ltd., SilkAir, ZenithOptimedia Philippines, and Bridges@com are not eligible to join.

10. Promotions may be changed or withdrawn without prior notice.