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Privacy Policy

This is the Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA) Privacy Policy. SIA collects, uses and discloses Customer Data in order to provide you with a safe, smooth, efficient and customised experience with SIA. The collection, use and disclosure of Customer Data enables SIA to provide services and products that are most likely to meet your needs and requirements. This Privacy Policy outlines SIA’s policy and responsibility in relation to the collection, use and disclosure of Customer Data.

By continuing to use SIA’s services, you signify that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy as amended from time to time in respect of SIA’s collection, use and disclosure of your Customer Data.

This Privacy Policy is divided into two Parts – A and B:

  • Part A: General Customer Data privacy policy statement
  • Part B: Privacy policy statement for Customer Data collected through SIA’s websites and SIA’s mobile services facility

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Part A: General Customer Data privacy policy statement

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1. Types of Customer Data

The types of Customer Data that SIA collects depends on the circumstances of collection and on the nature of the service requested or transaction undertaken.

There are two broad categories of Customer Data that SIA collects:

  • Personal Data, which includes but is not limited to -
    (i) personal information that links back to an individual e.g., name, gender, date of birth, passport or other personal identification numbers, images, photographs, videos, closed circuit television (CCTV) footage, voice recordings;

    (ii) contact information e.g., address, phone number, email address;

    (iii) payment information e.g., credit or debit card information, including the name of cardholder, card number, billing address and expiry date;

    (iv) travel information e.g., flight information, dietary and seating or other service preferences;

    (v) health information e.g., medical records or requests;

    (vi) technical information e.g., IP address; and

    (vii) membership information e.g., redemptions made and accruals obtained; and
  • Statistical Data e.g., number of passengers flown, hits to website. This is stored purely for analytical purposes, and is entirely anonymous. This information will not be stored to your customer record, and will only be aggregated for statistical analysis so that we can better understand SIA's customer profile and improve SIA's service offering.

For purposes of this policy statement, the phrase Customer Data includes Personal Data and Statistical Data.

In some cases, SIA needs you to provide Customer Data in order for SIA to be able to carry out its services to you. Where it is not necessary, the field will be marked "optional" in the forms used to collect personal data.

The failure to supply such Customer Data may result in (i) SIA being unable to provide you with the services and/or products requested; (ii) SIA being unable to update you on our latest products and/or launches; and/or (iii) your inability to enter or participate in contests, promotions or redemption activities organised by SIA.

2. Purposes for Collection, Use and Disclosure
3. Transfer of information overseas
4. Consent
5. Access
6. Retention
7. Accuracy
8. Security safeguards
9. Updates to the privacy policy
10. Contact us

Part B: Privacy policy statement for Customer Data collected through SIA's websites and SIA's mobile services facility

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1. Security safeguards

SIA takes the protection of your Customer Data collected on SIA’s websites and through SIA’s mobile services facility very seriously. All Customer Data collected through SIA’s websites, e.g., and through SIA’s mobile services facility are protected by a secure server. In addition, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protects the transmission of data from the internet to our systems.

For example, when you transmit sensitive information such as credit card details through SIA’s websites, such information will be encrypted before being dispatched over the internet.

To further strengthen the integrity of your internet transactions on our websites, SIA also employs relevant software programs to monitor network traffic with a view to identifying unauthorised attempts to upload or change Customer Data, perpetuate fraudulent or illegal activities or otherwise cause damage. If such monitoring reveals evidence of possible abuse or criminal activities, such evidence may be provided to appropriate law enforcement authorities or agencies without notice to you.

To give you secure access to our online services, arising from your utilisation of SIA’s mobile services facility, and your frequent flyer account, you can register with us, and we will give you a membership number/ User ID with a PIN that is unique and personal to you. You should not share your membership number/User ID or PIN, and should always ‘log off' once you have finished your session on the websites as well as take the recommended precautions that ensure the safe and secure provision of SIA’s mobile services facility.

As an additional security feature, SIA has implemented a time stamp showing the time you have been on SIA’s websites and the last time you logged out. If you detect any anomalies you should inform SIA immediately (see Section 10 of Part A). SIA has also provided a lock out feature in the event you fail to log in successfully after a number of attempts. Also, if you leave SIA’s website idle for a period of time, we may give you a ‘warning' dialogue box giving you the option to end your session.

2. Cookies
3. Clickstream data
4. Links to other websites
5. Minors
6. Google Analytics