Travel with ease of mind

Travel with ease of mind

Singapore Airlines values your entire travel experience. In partnership with Allianz, travel insurance can be easily added to your itinerary on

Whether you are on a business trip or a family vacation, one second is all it takes for your trip to take an unexpected turn for the worse. If things go wrong while you are travelling - from lost laptops to overseas hospitalisation - travel insurance will take care of you. 

Allianz Travel Insurance on is exclusively designed for Singapore Airlines passengers. 

Benefits include:  

  • COVID-19: Eligible reimbursement for medical expenses related to COVID-19  
  • More flexibility: Protection for covered trip cancellation, trip curtailment, personal accident and baggage cover 
  • Reliable benefits: Medical/transportation for covered illness or injury while traveling  
  • Help when you need it: 24/7 live support in the event of a travel or medical emergency  

Travel insurance on

Arranging Allianz Travel Insurance is simple and easy:

  • You can add Allianz Travel Insurance to your itinerary while you are making your flight booking on;
  • Add Allianz Travel Insurance to your itinerary via Manage Booking  on

If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to visit our FAQ Page.



Coverage Summary

Coverage Comprehensive (Maximum Benefit in HKD) KrisFlyer Comprehensive (Maximum Benefit in HKD)
1. Medical Expenses
1.1 Overseas Medical Expenses (including Covid-19) 1,500,000


1.2 Follow-up medical expenses 150,000 200,000
1.2.1  Chinese medical practitioner 2,000
(200 per visit)
(200 per day)
2. Overseas Hospital Daily Cash Benefit (including Covid-19) 5,000
(500 per day)
(500 per day)
3. Emergency Medical Assistance (including Covid-19)
3.1 Emergency medical evacuation Actual Cost Actual Cost
3.2 Repatriation of mortal remains Actual Cost Actual Cost
3.3 Compassionate visit 15,000 20,000
3.4 Compassionate return 15,000 20,000

3.5 Return of unattended child(ren)
15,000 20,000
4. Personal Accident
4.1 Accident whilst travelling on a Common Carrier
4.1 Other accident


5. Baggage and Personal Effects 15,000
(Max 2,000 per item)
(Max 3,000 per item)
6. Theft of Mobile Device Not Covered 5,000
7. Loss of Personal Money 1,000 3,000
8. Loss of Travel Documents 5,000 10,000
9. Personal Liability 1,000,000 1,500,000

10. Travel Delay  2,000
(300 per 5 hours)
(300 per 5 hours)
11. Baggage Delay Allowance 500
(after 6 hours)
(after 6 hours)
12. Cancellation of Journey (including Covid-19) 20,000 40,000
13. Curtailment of Journey (including Covid-19) 20,000 40,000

14. Journey Re-Route 10,000 20,000
15. Rental Vehicle Excess Not Covered 5,000
16. Credit Card Protection  1,500 5,000
17. Missed Event Not Covered 3,000
18. Loss of Home Content Not Covered 20,000 
(Max 3,000 per item)

The above is only a brief description of the coverage available under your policy. Terms, conditions, limits, sub-limits and exclusions apply to all coverage. Please carefully review your policy wording for complete details.  The definitions of the terms in the Definitions section of the policy will also apply to this Coverage Summary.

Important Notice:

The KrisFlyer Comprehensive plan is only available to individuals who:
a) have been accepted by Singapore Airlines as a member under their frequent flyer program; and 
b) hold a current and valid KrisFlyer digital or physical membership card during their entire Period of Insurance under the Policy.

For one-way bookings, the Policy definition of ‘Journey’ on Page 5 is replaced with the following: 
If Your Policy was purchased with a one-way booking, Journey means the period of travel commencing when you leave the immigration counter of Hong Kong, ending on the scheduled return date for Your travel as shown on Your travel documents (not exceeding 30 days from the Departure Date shown on Your travel documents). .  

Major Exclusions: Pre-existing condition, war, suicide, childbirth, pregnancy, professional sport, Pandemics or Epidemics. For full list of exclusions, please refer to policy wording.
Note: Please refer to your Certificate of Insurance to confirm the duration of your policy.
Covid-19: Includes coverage in respect of Covid-19. Please refer to your policy wording for details.


Travel insurance

This travel insurance is only available to Hong Kong residents. This travel insurance is underwritten by Liberty International Insurance Limited ("Liberty Insurance"), an authorized insurer of Hong Kong. Allianz Travel, a trading name of Allianz Worldwide Partners (Hong Kong) Limited, is registered as a licensed insurance agent of Liberty Insurance. You are purchasing this travel insurance from Liberty Insurance with services provided by Allianz Travel who is responsible for arranging your policy. Singapore Airlines is not an insurance agent of Liberty Insurance and does not act as an insurance broker and is not involved in offering or the arrangement of this travel insurance. For Questions and enquiries, please contact Allianz Travel at +852 2193 5875