Business Class – Book The Cook Menu from Barcelona

Business Class

Book the Cook menu from Barcelona - Due to operational reasons, our Book the Cook service will not be available for flight from Barcelona.

Sesame Chicken with Fried Rice

Corn fed chicken poached in shaoxing wine and fragrant ginger, served with oriental sauce, shiitake and black fungus, accompanied with fried rice.

Thai Red Curry Pork with Rice

Pork cooked in red curry sauce with choy sum, carrots and fragrant steamed Jasmine rice.

Mixed Paella

Typical Spanish dish which consists of bomba rice, monkfish, prawns, calamari, chicken and saffron, served with juicy seared prawns and aioli sauce.

Braised Iberico Pork Cheeks

Pork cheeks cooked at low temperature accompanied with demi-glace of fresh and fragrant rosemary; served with fresh vegetables and natural potato mash.

Garlic Butter Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Spicy White Beans

Chicken breast stuffed with homemade garlic butter; served with green olives, spiced santa pau beans, fresh vegetables and a hint of pesto butter.

Vegetable Paella

Typical Spanish dish which consists of bomba rice, artichokes, green asparagus and spring onions; served with seared boletus edulis (mushrooms) and aioli sauce. A meatless option.

Stuffed Cannelloni and Romesco Sauce

Fresh pasta stuffed with shiitake, boletus, onions and a smooth béchamel; grated with parmesan cheese and accompanied with a redefined classic romesco sauce, parmesan and rocket leaves. A meatless option.

Beef Fillet with Grain Mustard Sauce (also available for Breakfast)

Grilled tenderloin accompanied with roasted fresh vegetables, fingerling potato and cherry tomatoes marinated with aromatic fresh herbs; served with whole-grain mustard demi-glace.

Teochew Fish Porridge (also available for Breakfast)

Light clear soup with creamy rice and delightful pieces of hake. The sweetness of the fish gives a nice contrast to the creamy rice porridge.

Seafood and Rice Vermicelli Soup (also available for Breakfast)

Seafood soup with vermicelli rice noodles and steamed scallops and grouper, accompanied with soya sauce and spring onion.

Spanish Breakfast (only available for Breakfast)

Selection of typical Spanish cold cuts: Iberian cured ham, Iberian sausage and mahon cheese, accompanied with cherry tomatoes; served with fresh garlic, toasted bread and grated tomato with olive oil.

Multigrain Muffins with Fresh Ricotta and Yoghurt (only available for Breakfast)

Multigrain muffins accompanied with fresh ricotta cheese; roasted pears caramelized with a rosemary honey and served with low fat yoghourt and fresh berries.

Stir Fried Chicken with Noodles (only available for Breakfast)

Stir fried chicken cooked with oriental sauce, shaoxing wine and celery; accompanied with pak choy, shiitake mushrooms and egg noodles.