Singapore Airlines’ “Farm to Plane” Approach to Fine In-Flight Dining

Singapore Airlines’ pioneering “Farm to Plane” approach to fine in-flight dining is built on a simple premise: high quality, locally sourced ingredients make for a better meal. We seek out the industry’s top producers to supply our kitchens with fresh, carefully selected foods, enabling our chefs to design and deliver the world’s best in-flight cuisine. In addition to great taste, sustainability lies at the heart of the Farm To Plane program, as we prioritize suppliers focused on achieving more efficient crop yields, water conservation, and environmental protection.



“Farm to Plane” is also synonymous with freshness. Greens from AeroFarms, our vertical farm partner outside of NYC, are grown “aeroponically:” roots are misted with water and nutrients in a process that uses 95 percent less water than a conventional farm, growing from seed to harvest in as little as 12 days.



Aero Farm

AeroFarms produce grows indoors under a highly specific “recipe” of LED light frequency that maximizes each plant’s nutritional and flavor characteristics. Plants are raised without soil, sunlight or pesticides, creating a pristine environment that eliminates the need for washing. The farm’s 1-acre indoor footprint delivers the equivalent yield of a 320-acre conventional farm, producing food far closer to where it is consumed.

Hudson Valley Fisheries

Hudson Valley

Foregoing the carbon-heavy practice of importing fish from thousands of miles away, Steelhead Trout from Hudson Valley Fisheries is farmed just two hours from SIA’s New York flight kitchens, enhancing the freshness of passenger meals and reducing our environmental footprint. Instead of raising fish in ocean-based fisheries that can often contaminate native species or introduce unwanted waste materials to waterways, Hudson Valley Fisheries practices land-based recirculating aquaculture, a practice that efficiently manages water consumption while ensuring food safety. CO2 produced by the fish is extracted and reabsorbed at an adjacent greenhouse, and their “whole fish” processing approach allows for all waste products to be converted into compost and fertilizer for use by local farms and gardens.

Rogue Creamery


In the Pacific Northwest, Rogue Creamery has earned the distinction of being the first American-made cheese to be named “World’s Best” at the World Cheese Awards. Rogue’s herd of 120 cows interact with robots and AI in a more humane, “self-milking” practice that produces superior cheese – all powered by renewable energy.

Plenty Farms

Plenty Farms2

On the West Coast, SIA partners with Plenty Farms, operators of state-of-the-art, indoor vertical hydroponic farms powered by robots and AI, to deliver fresh, pesticide-free greens for flights departing LAX. Both farms’ locations near SIA kitchens mean that greens can often go from harvest to tray table in around 24 hours, providing our passengers with what is arguably the industry’s freshest in-flight produce.



SIA’s Farm to Plane program will continue to grow as we seek out more of the industry’s best food items, produced locally and with a focus on environmental stewardship to enhance our menus.


Learn more about sustainability at Singapore Airlines.

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