Customers can make a reservation by:

Singapore Airlines recommends customers request any special assistance requirements when making a reservation. This will assist Singapore Airlines to provide the most appropriate service to meet any customer’s special assistance requirements.

Singapore Airlines is able to practicably prepare suitable service measures to accommodate requests for special assistance provided adequate notice is provided. As such it is recommended that special assistance information is provided to Singapore Airlines by customers ahead of intended date of travel.

Customers may contact Singapore Airlines, by calling 02 7209 4388 within Australia or advise a nominated travel agent of their special assistance requirements in advance of their date of travel.

Special meals may be requested up to 24 hours prior to departure.

Advance notice is required for the provision of hazardous material, (e.g. packaging for batteries or other assistive devices - electric wheelchairs, oxygen tanks etc.), accommodation of a group of passengers requiring special assistance and accommodation of customer with a severe vision and hearing impairment and where no carer has been specified to accompany the customer on the flight.

By preparing well in advance, customers will be in control of their travel plans. This allows for greater facilitation and access through airports and ensures Singapore Airlines is responsive to assist customers through their journey.

For more information regarding Special Assistance, please click here.

Australian privacy legislation applies to customer information. Singapore Airlines holds and retains customer information (including special assistance requests) in accordance with our Privacy Policy and in compliance with applicable privacy laws. To maintain privacy, Customers will be asked to verify their identity and details to access bookings and information through Reservations and at the Airport.

Information provided by Singapore Airlines office and Airport staff may include:

  • Limitations, which are known to Singapore Airlines concerning the ability of an aircraft in the fleet to accommodate an individual with a special requirement.
  • The location of seating arrangements, in line with aviation safety legislation and Singapore Airlines policy for customers and crew.
  • Limitation on storage facilities in the cabin or in the cargo bay for mobility aids or other necessary equipment.
  • Availability of an accessible lavatory.
  • Use of devices in the event of an aircraft change at short notice.