Revised KrisFlyer Terms and Conditions and SIA Privacy Policy


Revisions to KrisFlyer Terms and Conditions

We would like to inform you that there has been a revision to the KrisFlyer Terms and Conditions pertaining to membership data. The revision consists of an inclusion of the following clause 8 under the broader topic of Membership:

8. In order to maintain KrisFlyer membership, Singapore Airlines needs to collect, use and disclose the personal data of each member in order to fulfil the following purposes:

• To provide members with membership status updates and other account-related information;

• To facilitate membership-related transactions and services;

• To market and communicate to members about SIA and KrisFlyer promotions, contests, events, and lucky draws, including those conducted by KrisFlyer programme partners;

• To contact members about product or customer-related surveys and market research; and

• Other purposes as listed in the SIA Privacy Policy at

In connection with the above, some of the members’ personal data may be disclosed to Singapore Airlines’ suppliers, service providers and other partner companies in the programme for membership and flight transaction related purposes and customer servicing. The data collected will be used for direct marketing purposes by only Singapore Airlines and only if members have given prior consent to Singapore Airlines to receive such marketing materials. Members who have given consent can subsequently request Singapore Airlines not to use their personal data for such marketing purposes by submitting a request in writing via our online feedback form, or by logging into to update their Communication Preferences.

The full KrisFlyer Terms and Conditions can be found here.



Revisions to Singapore Airlines Privacy Policy

We would like to inform you that we have updated the SIA Privacy Policy, which outlines SIA’s policy and responsibility in relation to the collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Data.

A summary of the main revisions is as follows:



Preamble Addition of a statement that by continuing to use SIA’s services, individuals signify that they have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the Privacy Policy as amended from time to time.

Part A Section 1

(Types of Customer Data)

Addition of itemized examples of Personal Data such as personal information that links back to an individual; contact, payment, travel, health and technical information among others.

Addition of information that Statistical Data will be stored purely for analytical purposes, and is entirely anonymous. This information will not be stored to a customer's record, and will only be aggregated for statistical analysis so that SIA can better understand our customer profile and improve our service offering.

Addition of a statement describing the consequences of failure to provide SIA with the required Personal Data.

Part A Section 2

(Purposes of Collection, Use and Disclosure)

Inclusion of additional sources from which an individual's personal data is obtained - either directly from individuals or their authorised representatives, from third parties, or from publicly available sources.

Revision of the listed purposes for data usage to include providing in-flight catering and other services that best meet individuals' preferences, and contacting individuals for product or customer satisfaction surveys and market research.


Addition of a statement that SIA may also use and disclose individuals' personal data to their authorized representatives for the purpose of the relevant transaction or enquiry.

Part A Section 6


Addition of information regarding to SIA's methods of destroying Personal Data.
Part B New Section 6 Revision of information on how Google Analytics is being used on SIA's website (previously found in Part C).


The full SIA Privacy Policy can be found here. For enquiries, please contact KrisFlyer Membership Services.


Updated 04 Jul 2014