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Travel with ease of mind

Travel with ease of mind

Singapore Airlines values your entire travel experience. Travel Guard® Travel Insurance by AIG can easily be added to your itinerary on

Whether you are on a business trip or a well-deserved family vacation, a second is all it takes for your trip to take an unexpected turn for the worse. If things go wrong while you are travelling - from lost laptops to hospital visits - travel insurance will take care of you.

Travel Guard® on is exclusively for Singapore Airlines passengers.

Travel Guard® by AIG promises:

  • Comprehensive coverage with exclusive discounted premiums
  • Dedicated and priority services for Singapore Airlines passengers
  • Products and services provided by one of the world's largest travel insurance service providers
  • The convenience of hassle-free online booking

Travel insurance on

Arranging travel insurance is simple and easy:

  • You can add travel insurance to your itinerary while you are making your flight booking on; or
  • Add travel insurance to your itinerary via Manage Booking on

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or visit our FAQ page.


Special rates

AIG Europe Limited offers special rates on travel insurance to Singapore Airlines passengers. The insurance premiums are calculated based on a number of factors, including your destination and trip duration.

Travelling with an infant? If you arrange travel insurance through, your child under 2 years of age and sharing a single airline seat with an adult passenger will be covered for free!

Policy Wording and Summary of Benefits

This is a summary of cover only and the Policy is subject to conditions and exclusions in the Policy Wording. Values shown below are maximum amounts payable per Insured Person (in Swiss Francs).

Please note, not all Policy benefits and benefit amounts are shown below. In some cases sub-limits apply or the benefits may not be available to You. Please refer to the applicable section of the Policy Wording.

The full terms and conditions of the Travel Guard Travel Insurance policy for Singapore Airlines can be viewed or downloaded by clicking here.


BenefitsReimbursable CostSums insured /deductible
Travel Cancellation Flight cancellation costs Original flight cost Deductible 20% , min. CHF 25 per person
Travel Curtailment Additional costs for return-journey Original flight cost Deductible 20% , min. CHF 25 per person
Travel Interruption Additional costs for unused connecting flight and catching up expenses Up to CHF 5.000 per person
Missed Departure Additional costs to get to the airport Up to CHF 600 per Person
Flight Delay Catering and accommodation expenses from a flight delay or more than six hours Per person and per hour: up to CHF 150 (up to CHF 800 per person and claim)
Deductible: CHF 50 per person
Baggage Delay Costs of necessary supplies Up to CHF 150 per person. Deductible: CHF 50 per person
Personal belongings and baggage
Loss, theft or damage of baggage Up to CHF 2.000 per person (max. CHF 200 per item/set/pair and CHF 250 for electronical devices and valuable goods)
Deductible: CHF 50 per person
Travel Health Insurance Medical expenses abroad
Medical meaningful repatriation
Burial abroad/transportation expenses in the event of death
Up to CHF30,000
Deductible: CHF100 per person in each case
Travel Accident Death
CHF 30,000
max. CHF 30,000
Hijack and Kidnapping Per person €400 per day max €12,000 CHF400 per person and day,
max. CHF 12,000 per claim
Mugging Robbery after a cash withdrawal from an ATM Up to CHF 1.000 per claim
Emergency Assistance during your trip
Lost Travel documents
Advanced payment for legal fees
Hospital day cash for inpatient treatment

CHF 1,000
CHF 3,000
CHF 15,000
CHF 50 per person per day,
max. CHF 4,000 per claims
Travel Assistance Country information, mandatory vaccinations requirements, general travel information, etc.

No cover is provided under this policy for traveling within or through Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, North Korea or the autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance

This insurance is underwritten by AIG Europe Limited, London, Branch Opfikon (Switzerland).

This policy offers coverage only to individuals ordinarily resident in Switzerland and is null and void as to nonresidents of Switzerland

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