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Wheelchairs and other assistive devices

Wheelchairs and other assistive devices

Each of our aircraft is equipped with a wheelchair that can be used to shuttle between your seat and the lavatory as well as wheelchair-friendly lavatories. Our seats also have movable armrests to make it easy for you to transfer between your seat and the wheelchair. 

If you need us to provide a wheelchair or another assistive device, please make your travel plans as early as possible so we can make the necessary arrangements for you. 

If you’re using your own manual or electric wheelchair or another assistive device such as a cane, crutch, walker or mobility scooter, it does not count towards your free baggage allowance. As our cabin aisle dimensions are restrictive, we will require your wheelchair or other assistive device to be stored in our cargo hold as checked baggage. 

If your wheelchair is powered with a wet cell battery, or if you’re travelling in a group of 10 or more passengers who use wheelchairs, please get in touch with your local Singapore Airlines office at least 48 hours before your flight departs. 

You’re also reminded to check in early for your flight, at least 2 to 3 hours before departure. 

Our meet-and-assist service team is happy to take care of you at the airport and during pre-boarding, while our cabin crew will assist you with the on-board wheelchair and to the lavatory during your flight. 

However, we’re unable to offer these services:

  • Assistance with feeding of meals
  • Assistance within the restroom or assistance at the seat with defecation and/or urination functions
  • Provision of medical services

 Should you require these services, we advise you to travel with a personal care assistant.

Seats on the emergency exit row will not be available to you.

If your wheelchair or other assistive device is damaged, you must inform us or our airline partner of the damage in writing within 7 days. Compensation for the damage will follow the guidelines for lost/mishandled baggage. Singapore Airlines’ liability is limited in accordance with our General Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage, the Warsaw Convention or Montreal Convention (where applicable and as amended from time to time) and/or any other applicable law or regulations. 

Special seating devices, such as the Crelling Harness and MERU chair, are allowed on our flights. To make the necessary arrangements, please get in touch with your local Singapore Airlines office as early as possible and at least 5 working days before the flight.