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Premium Economy - Flights from Paris

Premium Economy

Book the Cook menu from Paris - Due to COVID-19 outbreak, our Book the Cook service is currently not available for flights from Paris.

Roasted Cod Fish with Wild Rice

Roasted cod in caper and balsamic sauce with branch spinach sautéed in olive oil, ratatouille and wild rice.

Basil Chicken and Thai Rice

Sautéed basil chicken with chilli sauce, sautéed carrots and beans served with garlic Thai rice.

Sautéed Lamb Stew with Rosemary

Sautéed lamb with rosemary lamb juice served with Provence style vegetable mix and cheese polenta.

Bourguignon Beef with Potatoes

Bourguignon beef with Bourguignon garnish served with potatoes and carrots.

Masala Shrimp

Shrimp in masala juice, biryani rice, fried cashew nuts, fried onions and chopped parsley.

Fillet of Duck in Orange Sauce

Fillet of fattened duck in orange flavoured sauce with basmati rice and vegetable country mix.

French Toast with Orange and Jam (only available for Breakfast)

French toast and orange slice served with watermelon and orange jam.

Pancake with Maple Syrup (only available for Breakfast)

Pancake with pineapple slices and maple syrup.