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Suites and First Class – Book The Cook Menu from Tokyo

Suites and First Class

Book the Cook menu from Tokyo (Narita) - Due to COVID-19 outbreak, our Book the Cook service is currently not available for flights from Tokyo (Narita).

Lobster Thermidor

Classic French "Thermidor" dish, served with buttered zucchini, carrots and pilaf rice

Beef Sukiyaki with Steamed Rice

Traditional dish of sauteed Japanese sliced beef with sukiyaki sauce made with soy sauce, sugar and mirin. Served with tofu and Japanese vegetables

Rack of Lamb with Rosemary Sauce

Crusted rack of lamb with rosemary sauce and sauteed mixed vegetables

Fried Chicken Kara-age

Traditional Japanese style deep fried chicken "karaage". Accompanied with shredded cabbage and steamed rice

Singapore Chicken Rice

Roasted chicken, sliced and served on long grain rice cooked in chicken broth. Accompanies by dark soya sauce and fresh chilli sauce

Kurobuta Cha Siu Ramen

Egg noodle with cha siu with pork broth and soy sauce flavored soup

Salmon Chazuke

Rice with sliced salmon and dashi stock

Nasi Biryani

An Indian specialty, basmati rice cooked with aromatic spices, herbs, tomatoes, saffron and milk. Served with chicken simmered in gravy

Singapore Laksa

Rice noodles in a rich coconut cream seafood gravy with prawns, fish cake, deep fried beancurd and bean sprouts

Roasted Chicken with Morel Polenta

Roasted chicken breast served with polenta with morel mushroom and seasonal vegetables

Black Cod with Tomato Herb Sauce

Sauteed black cod served with tomato herb sauce and seasonal vegetable

Wagyu Fillet with Wasabi Soy Sauce

Grilled wagyu beef fillet with wasabi and soy dipping sauce, steamed rice and seasonal vegetables