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Kris the chatbot

The bot that's always here for you

Meet Kris, the friendly Singapore Airlines chatbot who has been trained to help you with a range of common travel topics such as baggage allowances, lounge eligibility, status of waitlisted flights, and many more.

Discover what Kris can do

Retrieve the latest flight status

Before you leave for the airport, get Kris to make sure the flight is departing on schedule.

Get status of your waitlisted flights

Are you still on the redemption waitlist or is the flight available for confirmation? Kris knows.

Check baggage allowance

How heavy can your baggage be? How many pieces can you bring? Let Kris tell you.

Find the next available flight

Flight full? No worries, Kris will find another for you.

See everything that Kris knows

What can you chat with Kris about? Here's a list

Flying with us
Flying with us

  • Get status of bookings including waitlist updates
  • Retrieve latest flight status
  • Check lounge eligibility
  • Find the lowest fare
  • Subscribe to flight notifications*
  • Find the next available flight

*Only on Facebook Messenger


  • Baggage allowance
  • Excess baggage rates
  • Lost/delayed bag
  • Restricted items
  • Through check-in

Everything else
Everything else

  • Check-in
  • Seats
  • Flying with infants
  • Flying with children

Always here, always helpful

Always here, always helpful.

Kris is always here for you 24/7, and always helpful. If Kris cannot resolve your issue, it will offer to connect you to a customer service agent, if available.