Singapore Airlines

Premium Economy - Flights from Munich

Premium Economy - Flights from Munich

Schupfnudeln with Sauerkraut

Schupfnudeln (German potato noodles) served with sauerkraut, ham and onion.

Liver Loaf with Lyonnaise Potatoes

Bavarian style liver loaf with fried egg and lyonnaise potatoes.

Orecchiette with Seafood and Tomatoes Concasse

Orecchiette pasta with seafood, spinach and tomatoe concasse.

Roast Salmon Fillet with Noodles

Roasted salmon fillet in chive cream served with noodles and sugar snaps.

Pork Cheek Teriyaki with Rice

Japanese style pork cheek in teriyaki sauce, rice with black sesame and Chinese cabbage.

Thai Style Chicken with Egg Noodles

Kai yang (Thai style grilled chicken) with fried egg noodles, Chinese cabbage and pork gyoza.

Thai Style Chicken with Fried Rice (only available for Breakfast)

Kai yang (Thai style grilled chicken) with egg fried rice and Chinese cabbage.

German Breakfast (only available for Breakfast)

German cold cuts, two kinds of ham and smoked turkey breast with camembert and rye bread.

Dim Sum Medley (only available for Breakfast)

Shanghai bao, steamed xiao long bao, pork gyoza and siew mai.