Online / Mobile Check-in


Online and Mobile check-in are available from 48 hours to 2 hours before flight departure. Self-printed and mobile passes are offered to eligible passengers when departing from selected cities listed below.


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  • Online / Mobile Check-in
  • Self-Printed Boarding Pass
  • Mobile Boarding Pass

Get your own boarding pass


Get your own boarding pass and where airport authorities permit, you may proceed directly to immigration if you have no bags to check-in and do not require visa or credit card check.  Some airports require all passengers to verify their travel documents at the check-in counter before proceeding to immigration.  Please check with the airline or airport customer service counter if unsure.


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  • Self-Printed Boarding Pass

    Self-printed boarding pass is currently offered to passengers departing from the following cities (excluding USA-bound flights and transit points e.g. SIN-HKG-SFO on SQ002).

    Americas Europe North Asia South East Asia South West Pacific West Asia & Africas
    Sao Paulo Amsterdam Beijing Bali Adelaide Cairo
    Barcelona Fukuoka Bangkok Auckland Cape Town
    Copenhagen Guangzhou Brunei Brisbane Chennai
    Frankfurt Hong Kong Hanoi Christchurch Colombo
    Istanbul Nagoya Ho Chi Minh City Melbourne Dubai
    London Osaka Jakarta Perth Jeddah
    Manchester Shanghai Kuala Lumpur Sydney Johannesburg
    Milan Taipei Manila Riyadh
    Moscow Tokyo (Haneda) Singapore
    Munich Tokyo (Narita) Surabaya
    Paris Seoul
  • Mobile Boarding Pass

    Mobile boarding pass is currently offered to eligible passengers departing from the following cities (excluding USA-bound flights).  To qualify, the booking should contain only one passenger who does not require a travel visa or credit card check.

    For passengers departing from Singapore, please note that the airport authorities require a printed document for security and immigration purposes.  As such, you will be issued with a receipt by the airport police (prior to immigration).

    For passengers departing from Japan, please proceed to the check-in counter for verification of your travel documents.

    Europe   North Asia South East Asia   South West Pacific West Asia & Africa  
    Amsterdam Hong Kong Bangkok Auckland Cape Town  
    Barcelona Fukuoka Singapore Christchurch Johannesburg  
    Copenhagen Nagoya      
    Frankfurt Osaka    
    Istanbul Taipei        
    London Tokyo (Haneda)    
    Manchester Tokyo (Narita)