Singapore Airlines

mySQupgrade Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1. Why should I bid for an upgrade?

Bidding provides the possibility of an upgrade at a price of your choice, and you can complete the entire bidding process online. In addition, if your bid is unsuccessful, there will be no charge and you will retain your original seat.

2. How does mySQupgrade work?










3. What do I get if my bid to upgrade is successful?

You will enjoy the full Premium Economy Class experience on the flight associated with the bid, including enhanced food & beverage options, increased baggage allowance, and priority check-in, boarding and baggage handling. Do note that the fare conditions of your ticket remain unchanged. Any accrual of KrisFlyer miles and Elite miles will be based on the original ticket.

Invitations to Bid
Submitting a Bid
Paying for an Upgrade
Completing a Bid Submission
Bid Assessment